Nutrition Evidence Alert – December 2023 – NED Journal Issue 2

NED Journal Issue 2 is LIVE!

BANT and the NED Editorial Board are delighted to announce Issue 2 of the NED Journal. Science translated for you and made clinically meaningful. In this second issue, we have focused on Male Health, ADHD & Neurodiversity and Stress & Adrenal Health. Settle in to a good read.

14 research articles expertly reviewed

Click the image below or download as a PDF here


There is a NED format for everyone

We are especially proud to provide Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners our open-access Nutrition Evidence Database (NED) giving you value-added nutrition science at your finger-tips. Nutrition Evidence is designed to support practitioners’ clinical decisions, enabling the delivery of effective, individualised evidence-based recommendations with easy to use search functionality by using functional and lifestyle medicine filters.

The Nutrition Evidence Database with its spin-offs, including weekly social media posts,  NED AlertsNED InfoBites and NED Talks, provide a valuable resource for access to human research to support clinical practice. Whether you just have a moment to briefly get updates on a particular topic or want to immerse yourself into a full research article, the option is there.

NED InfoBites

Our scientific NED InfoBites are especially designed to provide you with our pick of the latest research in a handy one-page pdf, ideal for sharing with colleagues and clients.

Many of the studies have been reviewed by our dedicated Expert Review Panel to evaluate the clinical applications of recent research in a clinical setting.

Discover all available NED InfoBites here 

NED Talks

Discover our short-format video NED Talks on our Youtube channel. Our dedicated team of indexers and Expert Reviewers break the science down into plain-language summaries for fast reviewing and overlay this with expert opinion and clinical applications to help you translate the science into your client recommendations.

Head over to our Youtube NED Talks

NED Social Media Posts

Tune in every Tuesday for our weekly social media posts where we bring you a synopsis of a recent nutrition study on varying health topics. Click through to access the full paper in Nutrition Evidence Database to collate your own library of research relevant to your area of clinical practice.

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