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NED InfoBites

We believe in simplifying science to help everybody understand the evidence behind nutrition. Our scientific NED InfoBites are especially designed to provide you with all the latest research in simple terms and plain language. Simply download the ones that may apply to you and discover the science behind nutrition.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome 2022

Overweight & Obesity

Overweight & Obesity

Blood Sugar Dysregulation

Blood Sugar Dysregulation

Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

Blood Sugar & Nutrition Protocols

Blood Sugar & Nutrition Protocols

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver

The role of Inflammation

The Role of Inflammation

Microbiome & Gut Health

Microbiome & Gut Health

Cholesterol Dysregulation

Cholesterol Dysregulation

Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood Pressure Regulation

Nutrition & Bariatric Surgery

Weight Stigmatisation

Health Anxiety & COVID-19

Vitamin C & Immunity

Diversity & Inclusion in Nutrition


Vegan Diets & Health

Nutrition in Menopause

Men’s Health

Depression & the Gut Microbiome

Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

Probiotics & Long-COVID

Antioxidants in Athletes

Nutrition & Endurance Sport

IgG Antibodies & IBD / IBS

Fatty Liver & Diabetes

Fructose & Fatty Liver

T2DM Diet & Remission

Ultra-Processed Foods & Drinks

Organic Food Consumption

Migraine & Lifestyle

Autoimmune Skin Disease

Mitochondrial Function & Health

Vaginal Microbiome

Brain Health & Cognitive Function

Thyroid Health

Nutrition & Cancer

Metabolic Syndrome 2023

Male Infertility & Nutrition

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Nutrition & ADHD

Sleep & Insomnia

Stress & Adrenal Health

Early Life & the Microbiome

Stress & the Microbiome

T2DM & the Microbiome

Aging & the Microbiome

IBS & the Microbiome

IBD & the Microbiome

Bone Health & Osteoporosis

Nutrition & Longevity

Nutrition Evidence Database, affectionately known as NED, is the only comprehensive, scientific database that specialises in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, with a focus on high-quality papers selected to provide the best evidence available for clinical interventions recommended by BANT Nutrition Practitioners.

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