Use of the BANT Logo

Please see the information below on the use of the BANT Company Logo and BANT Member Logo

  1. The BANT Company Logo may only be used with explicit permission from BANT when involving any collaborative activities with other companies or organisations.
  2. Practitioner Members of BANT may use the specially designed BANT Member Logo.
  3. A company cannot use the BANT Member Logo without attributing it to the BANT Practitioner Member. That is, if a BANT Practitioner Member is employed or freelances for a company, the BANT Member Logo may be used only alongside the description of that BANT Practitioner Member.
  4. If a company wishes to state that they use the services of BANT Practitioner Members, they can say, ‘Our Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are members of BANT.’
  5. A company that either employs BANT Practitioner Members or has BANT Practitioner Members doing freelance work for them may not say they, as the company, that they are Accredited or Recognised by BANT. This infers a collaborative relationship or endorsement which does not exist and is misleading to the public.
  6. Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners that belong to BANT are members of BANT, not registrants of BANT.
  7. BANT Practitioner Members are registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the voluntary regulator for the Nutritional Therapy Profession.

BANT Company Logo

BANT Member Logo