Membership T&Cs

These terms and conditions apply to membership applications for all categories of membership of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). Please read them carefully as they contain important information about your membership. By submitting your membership application form, you agree to be bound by these terms.

  1. Your application to become a Member and Guarantor for the sum of £1, of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) also means that you will be a Member of the Company upon the terms of and subject to the Memorandum, Articles of Association and the Byelaws. Your declarations completed during the membership application process, form the contract between you and BANT. By agreeing to these declarations, you are confirming that all of the information you provide in your application is true and correct, and you also acknowledge that should any false declaration be identified, this may result in invalidation of your BANT membership.
  2. Membership of BANT is subject to an annual membership fee that you undertake to pay with your Membership Application and you accept that this fee covers the period 1st of January up to 31st of December of each year (or part thereof should you join during the year set at a 6 month pro rata fee applicable to full members only). See Membership Types and Fees for details.
  3. All applications are subject to acceptance by BANT, which will be confirmed in writing by email and relevant attachments. A contract between BANT and any person applying for membership is formed when confirmation of payment and a successful application is complete. The Governing Council of BANT has the right to reject your application. The Governing Council, at its discretion, may request from you, or appropriate others, further information in support of your application.
  4. Membership Entry Criteria – as of 1st of September 2020, BANT Full Membership will require Bachelor’s (Hons) degree or higher from a recognised university and NTEC accreditation for nutritional therapy practice. This does not impact current student members or full members, or those that started their level 6 diploma course prior to the 1st of September 2020. BANT continues to accept and supports student members on all NTEC accredited courses. Student Members that start their NTEC accredited diploma course on or after the 1st of September 2020 will require an upgrade to BSc (Hons) or higher degree qualification in nutritional therapy to convert to Full Membership.
  5. With the exception of Associate Members, as a member of BANT, you agree to abide by the – CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and the BANT Professional Practice Handbook. If you are a BANT member and a registrant of the HCPC, you agree to also abide by the HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. You agree to review the content of all relevant documents on an ongoing basis, as you understand that they will be updated periodically.
  6. It is compulsory for all full practising members of BANT to be registered with the CNHC or HCPC. Full practising members who do not live or practise (physically or virtually) in the UK will be exempt from CNHC registration and it will be optional to register. Full practising members who have not trained at an accredited course and have not been in practice for 3 years since their date of graduation will be granted an exemption and given a date by which they will need to apply for registration with the CNHC.
  7. All members of BANT (excluding Retired, Student, Associate and Provisional Members) must complete a minimum of 30 hours of CPD per year and enter these hours on the online BANT CPD Logging System. This CPD requirement is compulsory. Members will not be able to renew their membership if they have not logged their minimum of 30 CPD hours on the online BANT CPD Logging System.
  8. If you join BANT as a full member between 1 July – 31 December you will only need to complete 50% of the required CPD hours for that year. 50% of the CPD hours means completing a minimum of 15 hours of CPD and enter these hours on the online BANT CPD Logging System.
  9. All membership fee payments are non-refundable. Memberships cannot be placed on hold or suspended. If you cancel your membership you will not receive a refund. If you are a student member and you do not complete your course, your student membership will become inactive with immediate effect and you will not receive a refund.
  10. If you do not renew your membership by the 31st of January each year, which is 4 weeks from the annual renewal date of the 1st of January, your membership will become inactive. In addition to your membership fee, you will be charged a reactivation fee of £20. If your membership remains inactive for more than 8 weeks (28th Feb) from the renewal date of 1st January, you will need to make a new application for membership charged at the same fee rate as a new applicant.
  11. If your application for NEW Full membership is made after July 1st, then the membership fee is reduced by 50% and will cover you up to the 31st of December. This pro-rata reduction in fees does not apply to applications for NEW Student membership or membership renewals.
  12. The fee payment for student membership does not count towards the fee payment for full membership. These fee payments are treated separately and the student fee payment will not be deducted from the full membership fee upon application for conversion from student to full member.
  13. BANT Student Members are not permitted to practise nutritional therapy until they have met the criteria for, and been accepted as, a Full Member. Doing so may result in the student being suspended from BANT pending an investigation. Exceptional cases arise from time to time and will be considered on an individual basis in conjunction with the Training Provider.
  14. BANT reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time and you will then be subject to the new and updated terms and conditions.

Last updated: 24 May 2023