Volunteering & Vacancies

BANT is run by volunteers and we are always seeking new recruits. Volunteers can contribute various hours to get involved, but typically this is 2-3 hours a week. Volunteers will be part of one of the BANT workstreams, including; Communications, Science & Education, Practice Governance, Volunteer Management, Regulations, Stakeholder Management, and Membership or they could be members of the BANT Student Network or become Local or Regional Coordinators to further support our members and networking in the regions.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles listed please simply write to our Volunteer & Networks Manager, Benjamin Richardson at [email protected]. We will be delighted to explore together for a match between your skills and interests and our roles.

Volunteering opportunities


Regional Branch Team Members (All Regions, South West, Midlands, North, Scotland) 

Hours Required: 1-2 hours per week

BANT Lead: Volunteer Manager

Work Description
Regional Branch teams create the amazing events that enable us to come together, spend time with each other, network, engage with interesting speakers, gain CPD credit, goodie bags and perhaps not least, enjoy gluten and dairy fee catering

Our Regional Branches have, like many of us, experienced significant change during the COVID-19 restrictions, but bringing back a pipeline of events, virtual until face to face becomes feasible and attractive again, is a top priority. These teams need some additional members to share the challenges, work and eventual satisfaction to plan and deliver a highly valued event.

Skills required
Any form of event organising experience is very welcome, covering the range of project planning, venue finding, agenda preparing, logistics, virtual technologies, budgeting and more.

However, if you have the will, you can be supported to develop the skill and do so within a real team with a very meaningful, concrete deliverable to work towards together. So please, do not hesitate to contact if you have any interest.


Regional Branch Team Chairs (Midlands, South East & London regions)

Hours Required: 1-2 hours per week

BANT Lead: Volunteer Manager

Work Description

Regional team members will typically have different skills and interests and responsibilities covering the essentials of engaging speakers, securing sponsors, marketing, logistics, scheduling, facilitating and more.

Team chairs provide the essential leadership, project management, organisation and coordination throughout the end to end activity of planning and organising our bigger events, both face to face and virtual.

Skills required

Confidence to engage and lead a team is most essential. BANT will provide support and guidance, including a simple but effective project management software to use, and a ‘playbook’ of guidance and resources.  Event management experience is definitely therefore welcome, but not essential, and can be developed.


Local Networks Leads (UK wide, all areas)

Hours Required: 1-2 hours per week

BANT Lead: Volunteer Manager

Work Description
BANT Local Networks vary hugely in their size and nature but all help mitigate the isolating nature of our profession through being part of a supportive group of peers who meet regularly.

Some networks are tight social groups, others are larger and have semi-formal events with key speakers, some have regular chatter via a social media channel, others meet regularly via Zoom. Face to face meetings have also been a norm, pre-COVID-19, and hopefully will again once that becomes suitable.

Network Leads, either solo or with a partner, do the wonderful work to organise and sustain a network. This means organising meetings and their content, selecting and enabling the ways to meet (in person or virtual) and chat, sometimes finding venues or speakers. It also involves welcoming in new members and logging network meetings so they qualify for CPD credit.

If there is already a network near you, you may be able to join it or partner with the current lead. If there is not, why not try starting one? You can do so with coaching and support and some great resources to help.

View our existing Local Networks within the BANT Member pages, at BANT Networks > Local Network Coordinators List.

Skills required
Confidence and energy to network, organise, encourage and facilitate are the key qualities. Whilst connection remains mostly virtual, comfort with ways of connecting e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Clubhouse, WhatsApp and similar, are very useful but can also be learned.

There is no one ‘right’ way to begin and run a network, but if you have the energy to give it a go, everything can be learned with support, so please do reach out if you would like to.


Campaign Communications Assistant

Hours Required: 1-2 hours per week

BANT Lead: Communications Manager

Work Description
The Food for your Health campaign is the first BANT campaign that has the public as the target audience and is a sustained, long-term effort. We have an opportunity and need for a dedicated volunteer to assist with the ongoing campaign via close support and partnership with our Communications Manager.

The role will flex to best use and grow the talents of the volunteer. Scope includes idea generation, content preparation, research, graphics design, media monitoring and analysis, and analysis of our own communications performance.

Contribution within this role has significant potential for high positive impact for BANT members through growth of awareness and positive perceptions. The incumbent will also benefit from coaching from our Communications Manager and very likely develop confidence & capability with the preparation of professional, high-impact, audience specific communications.

Skills required
There are many nice to have skills and experience but please do not hesitate to express interest if you do not have all or most. We hope that the volunteer in this role can join us for a long time and develop their confidence and competencies. One absolute essential is enthusiasm for the Food for your Health campaign.

Very welcome experience and skills include:

  • Any form of public relations, marketing, communications or journalist background
  • Researching & writing evidence-based, referenced articles on nutrition & lifestyle topics
  • Adjusting content & language to match different audiences, such as general public and academic
  • Use of multiple social media channels e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube
  • Use of tools for media creation and social media scheduling, such as Canva, Laters, Libysn and Metricool


Recipe Co-ordinator

Hours Required: 1-2 hours per week

BANT Lead: Communications Manager

Work Description
Role requires the entry recipe data into Nutritics and present recipe information into an attractive and social media appropriate format.

This is an opportunity for NT students and practicing NT’s.

Skills required
Experience with entering recipe information into Nutritics software.

Experience using platforms to create social media posts.


D&I Programme Core Team Member

Hours Required: 3+ hours per week

BANT Lead: Volunteer & Networks Manager

Work Description
The BANT Diversity & Inclusiveness programme is established to grow the awareness of opportunity, together with confidence and capability, of BANT members to make their Nutritional Therapy and Nutritionist services available to broader, more diverse groups. In so doing, improve the awareness, appeal and accessibility of BANT member services to those broader, more diverse groups.

Programme team members are sought to help create, maintain and promote a pipeline of D&I resources & content. Team members will have significant scope to influence what deliverables are prioritised, enjoying being part of a highly motivated team, and join in the celebration and satisfaction whenever a project milestone is reached.

Skills required

If you have passion for the purpose together with any relevant experience, networks, connections, knowledge or skills, please do make contact to discuss.

In addition to team members, if you have a D&I related story to tell, or recommendations to make, please also reach out.

Do you know someone else that might be interested? Referrals are also very welcome.


Student eNews Assistant

Hours Required: 1-2 hours per week

BANT Lead: BANT Student Representative

Work Description
Student eNews is prepared exclusively for the benefit of students and issued once every two months during the academic year.  Complimenting the BANT Student Reps and virtual tea events, the eNews helps build connection between BANT and students.

Content is focused on topics that are valuable for students, such as guidance on preparing to develop a practice and explaining the benefits of being a BANT member.

We seek a volunteer that will take the lead to prepare future issues of eNews, including planning, sourcing content from others, drafting and preparing for publication.

Skills Required

Experience of preparing concise, compelling, engaging written content will be very welcome. Project planning and confidence to network and coordinate inputs from multiple collaborators will also be very useful.

Within the role, you can receive coaching to enhance your existing communication skill including writing for a specific audience, using a consistent tone of voice, and becoming familiar with the appropriate professional terminology to employ.

You will also be working within the BANT Student team, comprising the lead representative, a virtual events assistant and representatives from each training provider.

This role may be an ideal fit for a recent graduate who remains very familiar with student needs and preferences and who has some spare time to volunteer whilst they build up a practice.


Student College Representative (currently sought for ION)

Hours Required: 1 hour per week

BANT Lead: BANT Student Representative

Work Description
The Student Network is a programme to support BANT student members, engage them with BANT, to help them develop a community and support network and ensure that they feel part of the professional association now and in the future. The BANT College Student Representatives are a key approachable point of contact within each year group/class at each college, receiving feedback and offering advice and signposting to BANT resources for all student members.

Ideally, there will be at least one BANT College Student Representative within each accredited Training Provider.

The BANT College Student Representatives will liaise with the BANT Student Rep, who represents BANT students on BANT Council ensuring the student voice is heard. The BANT Student Rep will keep the BANT Student College Reps up to date with relevant information and the latest developments.

Skills Required
Be energetic and outgoing
A strong communicator
Have a good understanding of social media forums (internal college forums, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Have a good understanding of how the college is structured and how communication could be delivered within
Have a good relationship with college lecturers and staff

View the Volunteering Brief for Student College Representative.


Professional Practice Panel (PPP) – Member

Hours Required: 2-4 hours per week

BANT Lead: Practice Governance Manager

Work Description
The Professional Practice Panel (PPP) are looking for new, experienced NT’s to join our existing committee, helping to respond to practitioner queries and support our members. This is a fantastic opportunity to keep your knowledge up to date with developments in professional practice. You will have access to frequently asked questions and issues arising from clinic and form part of a team of very experienced NTs offering advice, benefiting your own personal development and practice.

Skills Required
Must be a full member of BANT and CNHC Registered. Knowledge about NT, BANT and the BANT Professional Practice Handbook and CNHC Code of Conduct and Ethics is important.

View the Role Profile for PPP Member.


Director for Science and Education

Hours Required: Average of 3 hours per week


Role Description
This role is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the ongoing development of the BANT’s Science and Education (S&E) provision working in close partnership with our Science and Education Manager and wider S&E team to devise relevant annual objectives at the beginning of each year.

Being a BANT Director is a very rewarding role. It provides an opportunity for an individual to be part of a team that determines the overall strategic direction of BANT while influencing the direction of nutrition and lifestyle medicine profession.

Key Responsibilities

  • Representing S&E in the BANT Council, ensuring that the provision is supporting the evidence-based foundation of nutritional therapy practice and the continued education of BANT members for safe and effective clinical practice
  • Building alliances and liaising with external bodies/stakeholders regarding BANT’s S&E provision, to further the standing of the profession and BANT strategic objectives
  • Supporting the S&E Manager to manage the delivery of S&E objectives, in particular BANT’s flagship scientific provision, the Nutrition Evidence Database (NED)

These are some, and not all, of the key responsibilities. To view the remainder, please do view the full role profile (link below)

Key Competencies Desired

  • Senior organisational experience, with involvement in strategic planning and decision making
  • Proven track record of networking, in support of organisational development and goal attainment
  • Experience of fund-raising, through partnership development, sponsorship and advertising, to support NED self-sufficiency
  • Experience of leading a team to achieve a successful outcome
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • Self-driven, highly motivated and proactive
  • Sound judgment and decision-making skills
  • High level of professionalism and self-confidence
  • Flexible approach to working with others

View the full Director for Science and Education Role Profile


We have no vacancies at the moment.