BANT Wellbeing Guidelines

General guidelines for healthy diet and lifestyle when personalised advice is not possible

BANT Wellbeing Guidelines are evidenced-based guidelines providing information on nutrition and lifestyle measures when personalised advice is not possible. The guidelines are equally well suited as the starting point for use by Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and healthcare professionals to further personalise the recommendations to their clients and patients.

In addition to a comprehensive review of the latest research, the BANT expert panel reviewed the current Eatwell Plate, which unfortunately is now out-dated, US Eating Guidelines and Harvard Eating Plate among other published guidelines, to design the newly published BANT Wellbeing Guidelines. The original versions of these guidelines were subject of a public consultation in September 2014. The consultation resulted in a wide spectrum of respondents from healthcare professionals and members of the general public. All feedback was carefully reviewed and further contributed to the development of BANT Wellbeing Guidelines.

BANT Wellbeing Guidelines start from the premise that everyone is different and while there is no set rule that fits, all these guidelines provide a basis for healthy diet and lifestyle. BANT recommends that people visit a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner for more personalised recommendations to help them achieve their health goals.

BANT - The Wellness Solution

The Wellness Solution

Everyone is unique but whatever your goal, similar nutritional principles and health and wellbeing guidelines will apply. The Wellness Solution provides general advice to support healthy dietary and lifestyle choices when personalised advice is not possible, or as a basis for further personalisation and a visual aid to clients.

BANT- Fight the Fat - Beat the Blot

Fight the Fat – Beat the Bloat

The general Wellness Solution is adjusted to support nutrition and lifestyle choices when personalised advice is not possible and guidance is needed to ‘fight the fat – beat the bloat’. Similar foundational principles apply and Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners can further help to personalise the recommendations for individuals.