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Informed, evidence-based recommendations

To ensure the continued provision of high-quality CPD events for BANT members, over 100 conferences, seminars and webinars are awarded the BANT CPD quality mark on an annual basis. Recognised events are advertised to the membership through a website listing, monthly eBlasts and social media posts. It is easy to apply for BANT CPD Event Recognition through our on-line application portal.

The quality of events is important to us. Please familiarise yourself with the Standards of Recognition for BANT CPD  and the Cost of CPD Event Recognition before starting your application to avoid disappointment.

Are you applying for CPD Event Recognition for the first time?

If so, you need to register with BANT as a CPD Provider before submitting your first CPD Event Application. This is a required step for regular BANT CPD applicants as well as new applicants, but only needs to happen once. The process is quick and simple. We aim to turn around these applications within 3 working days. Click the button below to start your application to use the BANT CPD online application portal.

Please note: as a new BANT recognised Training Provider, you are required to offer a free place to at least the first 3 events to a member of the BANT CPD Committee, to allow for comprehensive evaluation.

If you have had BANT CPD Event Recognition for your events within the past 5 years, please check ‘yes’ when asked if you are an existing provider. If this is the first time you have ever applied for BANT CPD Event Recognition, please check ‘no’ when asked if you are an existing provider.

Once you have applied to be a CPD Provider and set up your access, you can then log into your CPD Provider Dashboard to apply for CPD Event Recognition.

Please read before making your online CPD Event Application.

Before your start a CPD Event Application, please ensure that you have all the required information. You will need the following:

  • Date(s), Time, Location(s), Booking Details for your CPD Event
  • Full presentation slides, with reference lists. These must be submitted as PDFs.
  • Full agenda and timetable for the event. This must be submitted as PDFs.
  • For conferences, where full presentations are not available until close to the event date, detailed presentation outlines are required, with sample slides.
  • Speaker biographies, with details of qualifications, memberships and publications.
  • An event logo (300 x 300) for listing and advertising.
  • You will not be able to submit your CPD Event Application until all the required information is completed.
  • Please note that our target turnaround time from application to approval and listing is 3-5 days from the date the application is received.

Approved Events

  • BANT CPD recognition is valid for one calendar year. If you wish to repeat the event during that time and assuming the content remains the same, no further approval is required.  If you wish to relist the event on the BANT website event log within the 1 year recognition period, there will be a charge of 50% of the original cost for recognition.  You may relist the event as many times as you wish within the 1 year recognition period.
  • BANT CPD recognition entitles you to use the BANT logo for a period of one year but only in direct relationship with the BANT accredited event.
  • The CPD hours awarded are based on one CPD hour per hour of learning.  The event approval letter includes the number of CPD hours recognised.
  • Events that are pre-recorded and not date specific will only remain listed on the CPD Events page for 3 months from the date of listing.
  • Until your CPD event application has been approved, please do not include wording such as “BANT CPD pending” or “BANT CPD points applied for” as this could be misleading for our members if your application is declined.

Declined Events

If your event is declined for BANT CPD recognition, you will be informed by a member of the CPD committee by email. This will set out the reasons for the decision, which will be based on the event not meeting one or more of the Standards of Recognition for BANT CPD.


Should you have any further questions, please email the BANT CPD Committee on [email protected].

Helpful Information on How To Apply

Please refer to the following guidance documents before contacting the team for help.

The quality of events is important to us so please familiarise yourself with the Standards and Costs of applying for BANT CPD Recognition.

Standards of Recognition for BANT CPD

The following criteria are used by the BANT CPD committee when assessing an event for CPD recognition.  To ensure an efficient service, please familiarise yourself with these requirements before submitting an application.  If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please email [email protected].

For an event to be recognised for BANT CPD, it must:

  • Be targeted at fully qualified Nutrition Practitioners, covering aspects of nutrition and lifestyle medicine that will enhance understanding beyond post-qualification and provide up-to-date knowledge of new and emerging science. Whilst a high level overview of physiology and pathophysiology is appropriate at the start of the training, the principal learning should enhance that already gained through the Nutritional Therapy Core Curriculum and the Skills for Health National Occupational Standards. BANT accepts applications that are not specific to nutritional therapy but which have relevance to the clinical practice in the field of nutrition and lifestyle medicine and business development of BANT members’ practices
  • Be evidence-based, with scientific references provided. All claims made during the training should be supported by peer-reviewed journal article references. High quality, human studies are required, whilst recognising that good nutrition science can be found in systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, cohort and observational studies and case study materials. To avoid bias, a balance of evidence should be presented, particularly if the evidence is inconclusive or conflicting. References should be up-to-date, predominantly drawn from the literature within the last 5-10 years. Seminal articles older than 10 years are acceptable. References should conform to academic reporting standards and be linked to the claims made, either on each slide or using a numbering system.
  • Focus on generic ingredients, with branded product placement not exceeding 10% of the total presentation. BANT recognises that specific product training can be appropriate, however, to ensure a level playing field and to avoid cronyism, time allocated to product placement above 10% will not be included in the recognised CPD hours.
  • Comply with Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods. Please refer to guidance information at the following links:



Costs of BANT CPD Recognition

The costs of BANT CPD recognition is as follows:

  • £125 fixed fee for the first hour
  • £10 per hour for every additional hour up to a maximum of 20 hours.
  • Relisting of approved event within 12 months of approval are charged at 50% of original cost

The fee includes:

  • The event details being posted in the CPD section on the BANT website, using the event logo provided and including details of speakers, event title, location and cost
  • The event appearing as a dropdown option on the BANT members CPD log, to facilitate logging CPD hours
  • Listing in an eBlast sent to all members in the month before the event takes place (assuming application has been received in good time to allow this to happen)
  • If a free event place is offered and taken up by a CPD committee member, a review of the event will appear in the BANT eNews sent to all members

There is no fee incurred if your event is not approved for any reason.

Should you have any further questions, please email the BANT CPD Committee on [email protected].