NED Journal

We believe the journal is a fantastic way to to take a deep dive into the science, with clinical implications and take aways relevant to your practice. If you are looking for more information on any nutrition and lifestyle topic go straight to Nutrition Evidence Database (NED)

The British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) vision for NED is to provide nutrition and lifestyle science transformed and relevant for integrative and personalised practice. This journal demonstrates that this vision is being realised. NED is a unique offering in a rapidly expanding field of healthcare and is available open-access for all.

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I S S U E  1  – J A N – J U N E  2 0 2 3

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I S S U E  2  – DECEMBER  2 0 2 3

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Nutrition Evidence Database, affectionately known as NED, is the UK’s first scientific database of nutrition and lifestyle medicine research. It focuses on high-quality, human research and is designed as a comprehensive platform for practitioners, academic researchers, policy-makers and students. The powerful search functionality uses functional and lifestyle medicine filters to support evidence-based, clinically effective nutrition practice.

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