Nutrition Evidence Alert – August 2021 – Highlights of latest evidence

Welcome to the August edition of the Nutrition Evidence Alert.

In this month’s alert, we’ve put together a recommended shortlist for you of the latest scientific nutrition evidence available, enhanced by the BANT indexing team.  Articles this month include a look at the possible role of melatonin to manage Covid-19 infection, the thyroid-gut-axis, male fertility and the role of nutrition, and the use of probiotics in anxiety. These, and plenty of other recommendations, are listed below.

We’ve also highlighted a podcast from BMJ Talks Medicine on the sugar tax, as well as a blogpost from Child’s Health on the effects of sugary drinks on children’s health. See below for details.

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Happy exploring.


Newly Indexed Articles for August 2021

The following articles are featured as “recommended reading” this month:

Melatonin: Roles in influenza, Covid-19, and other viral infections in Reviews in medical Virology. 2020

Thyroid-Gut-Axis: How Does the Microbiota Influence Thyroid Function? in Nutrients. 2020

The impact of nutrition and lifestyle on male fertility in Archivio Italiano di Urologia, Andrologia. 2020

An algorithm for differentiating food antigen-related gastrointestinal symptoms in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. 2021

Genetic risk-factors for anxiety in healthy individuals: polymorphisms in genes important for the HPA axis in BMC Medical Genetics. 2020

Effects of Microbiota Imbalance in Anxiety and Eating Disorders: Probiotics as Novel Therapeutic Approachesin International journal of molecular sciences. 2021

Potential role of microbiome in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelits (CFS/ME) in Scientific reports. 2021

Brain Neurotransmitter Modulation by Gut Microbiota in Anxiety and Depression in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 2021

Anxiety reduction through art therapy in women. Exploring stress regulation and executive functioning as underlying neurocognitive mechanisms in PloS one. 2019

The association of diabetes-related self-care activities with perceived stress, anxiety, and fatigue: a cross-sectional study in Patient Preference and Adherence. 2018


Featured Podcast and Blog Post:

BMJ talks medicine: Extending the UK’s sugar tax to snacks

Children’s Health: The effects of sugary drinks on your child’s health


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