Member Benefits

Bimuno® is a patent protected prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS), which has been researched since 2000 in collaboration with University of Reading. They offer BANT members an exclusive 30% discount on a patent protected researched prebiotic. This offer is in addition to any other promotions/discounted offers that Bimuno® may run.
Fushi hand-blend the purest, Fushi fresh-pressed oils® and Fushi fresh-ground herbs® in their London workshop, sourcing their ingredients from this season’s harvest, meaning everything they make is less than three months old. BANT Members receive a 25% discount of all products.
The MegaQuinone™ formula uniquely provides the optimum dose of 320 mcg of the highest efficacy all natural Vitamin K2- MK7, along with the three most essential co-factors of magnesium, zinc and boron to aid absorption, and K1 as an important supportive ingredient. Collectively this formulation stands apart from all others. BANT Members receive a 12.5% discount.
Megasporebiotic is the first true mega dose, all spore, consortium probiotic bacteriotherapy product offered exclusively to and through health care professionals. BANT Members receive a 12.5% discount.
Proviotic is a Certified Organic and allergen-free probiotic that contains the plant based bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus (GLB44) collected from the European Snowdrop flower and grown in pure organic vegetable juice. BANT members can access an exclusive discount of 35%.
Vitae International is a laboratory of natural food supplements. They are concerned with the origin of health dysfunctions instead of its symptoms but taking them into consideration as information about your organism. Their main focus is to activate and regulate existing biological processes in the human body in order to sustain and extend its performance. BANT Members get a 40% discount off all products.
Movement for Modern Life is the UK’s Leading Online Yoga and wellbeing Site. Recommended by Vogue magazine as the ‘Netflix of Yoga’, the best teachers from the UK and beyond are now in your home in your time. BANT members can access an exclusive 50% off annual memberships or 30% off monthly and 3-monthly subscriptions.
Are you tired of writing meal plans? Would you like to be able to create them in seconds? Then Reset Your Health (RYH) might be ideal for you. Using a detailed-ingredient based algorithm RYH provides recipes personalised to an individual’s food preferences, dietary requirements and health conditions helping reverse health conditions caused by lifestyle. RHY equips the user with evidence-based nutritional advice and the practical skills they need to help eat healthily. As a BANT member, you will be able to offer a 20% discount to all your clients.