Member Benefits

Free access for all BANT Members. Nutrition Evidence is an online collection of high quality nutritional science and lifestyle medicine research and is designed to support practitioners’ clinical decisions that enable their delivering effective, individualised evidence-based recommendations.
Functional Medicine University (FMU) offers an online Functional Medicine Training Programme comprising of 10 modules made up of several lessons. The programme, which is accredited with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, is suitable for all levels of experience. BANT Members get a 23% discount off the full FMU programme of 10 online modules at a cost of $1695, normal price $2195.
Preferential rates for the purchase of Atlas Microbiome Tests including access to the practitioner and patient portals, updates and new results (no additional cost), and ongoing support in the use and application of these products.
Brunel Health provides Practitioners with the next IgGeneration of food intolerance testing services. Building on over 45 years of ELISA plate testing studies, our founding team of Scientists and Doctors have designed an IgG Food Intolerance test panel that accurately detects 134 food and drink specific IgG reactions from just a few drops of easily collected blood.
CNSLab is part of Omega Diagnostics, an international diagnostics testing business that is passionate about improving lives around the world by accurately informing health decisions. Collaborating with laboratories and partner organisations, we provide world-leading food sensitivity tests in over 60 countries.
Cortigenix are a world-leading preventative health company that specialise in cortisol testing. Cortigenix's Cortisol Over Time (COT) test is the most advanced and accurate way to measure 'stress hormone' cortisol levels. The COT test works by measuring average cortisol levels over the past 3 months using a tiny sample of hair. BANT members receive a 20% discount.
Home Blood Testing Solution Powered by Forth. Combining cutting edge technology, scientific analysis & medical expertise. Providing a flexible, end-to-end solution that enables you to add scientific biomarker testing to your service – without the hassle.