Member Benefits

Probio7 offers friendly bacteria supplement and have recently launched their new range, Probio7 Professionals offering clinically researched products for specific illnesses and disease. They are offering BANT members an exclusive 30% discount on their clinically researched product, Probio7 Professionals i3.1. They are also encouraging members to contact them for exclusive discounts on other products in their range, as well as on bulk purchase depending on their requirements.
Proviotic is a Certified Organic and allergen-free probiotic that contains the plant based bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus (GLB44) collected from the European Snowdrop flower and grown in pure organic vegetable juice. BANT members can access an exclusive discount of 35%.
Vitae International is a laboratory of natural food supplements. They are concerned with the origin of health dysfunctions instead of its symptoms but taking them into consideration as information about your organism. Their main focus is to activate and regulate existing biological processes in the human body in order to sustain and extend its performance. BANT Members get a 40% discount off all products.
Movement for Modern Life is the UK’s Leading Online Yoga and wellbeing Site. Recommended by Vogue magazine as the ‘Netflix of Yoga’, the best teachers from the UK and beyond are now in your home in your time. BANT members can access an exclusive 50% off annual memberships or 30% off monthly and 3-monthly subscriptions.
Tanita is the world leader in body composition technology. With Japanese manufacturing and quality, we offer the highest level of accuracy and our commitment to research and development ensures that we continue to trusted by our customers in clinical and medical practice, professional sport and fitness.