Member Benefits

Tanita is the world leader in body composition technology. With Japanese manufacturing and quality, we offer the highest level of accuracy and our commitment to research and development ensures that we continue to trusted by our customers in clinical and medical practice, professional sport and fitness.
Booyah Vitality is a family run business from Hastings offering hand-crafted health drinks formulated by the founder who is a naturopathic nutritional therapist. They produce Kombucha, Turmeric shots, Dandelion coffee and more to come. The raw and unpasteurised drinks are 100% natural, vegan and made from fresh, organic ingredients. BANT members receive a 15% discount off all products.
Cocoa Runners is the home of craft chocolate in the UK. We believe in chocolate which tastes better, is better for you, and better for farmers and the planet. We're on a mission to shine a light on this world of incredible flavour and share its benefits with chocolate lovers. We do this through our highly-acclaimed virtual tasting experiences, and monthly chocolate subscription services. And our impressive chocolate library is a one-stop-shop for bars and cacaos from around the world! As a BANT member, we're offering you a 35% discount on our virtual tasting experiences and subscription services, so that you can more easily join us on this journey.
At Nourish, everything we create is made from simple, natural, organic ingredients, with absolutely no nasties. Our range is packed full of healthy fats, antioxidants and micronutrients. All our products are naturally gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free, as well as being low carb and vegan friendly. BANT members have access to a 20% discount off any order.