Member Benefits

Free access for all BANT Members. Nutrition Evidence is an online collection of high quality nutritional science and lifestyle medicine research and is designed to support practitioners’ clinical decisions that enable their delivering effective, individualised evidence-based recommendations.
Functional Medicine University (FMU) offers an online Functional Medicine Training Programme comprising of 10 modules made up of several lessons. The programme, which is accredited with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, is suitable for all levels of experience. BANT Members get a 23% discount off the full FMU programme of 10 online modules at a cost of $1695, normal price $2195.
Preferential rates for the purchase of Atlas Microbiome Tests including access to the practitioner and patient portals, updates and new results (no additional cost), and ongoing support in the use and application of these products.
Lifecode Gx provides DNA testing, analysis and training for nutritional therapists – specialist nutrigenomics panels include methylation, detoxification, histamine, thyroid, nervous system, nutrient core, oestrogen, athlete and APOE. BANT Members receive a £20 discount on seminars, up to 50% off of DNA Test for seminar attendees, 25% off all DNA Tests.
Medichecks offers an easy, convenient, and secure way to provide blood testing to your clients. Their comprehensive range of tests, many of which can be done remotely with a finger-prick sample, include nutrition, hormones, cholesterol, thyroid function and much more. Results are delivered securely online with interpretation from one of their team of Medichecks doctors.
NeoVos have developed a break-through gut test, which looks at the performance of your gut, rather than the composition. This novel approach gives powerful and personalised information and comes with some great benefits including speed of results (with results in 2 days) and affordability.
YorkTest is a leading Home Health Testing company with over 38 years of excellence and scientific expertise in the provision of Food Intolerance† and Allergy Testing, together with an expanding range of home Health Tests. As Health Practitioners, you can support your patients through optimising their health, nutrition and wellbeing with our convenient home to laboratory testing products. BANT members receive the best discounted trade prices on all our products.