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BANT Appeals to Members to Use the Registered Nutritional Therapist Title

BANT is calling on all members who are CNHC official to address themselves as Registered Nutritional Therapists.

The call comes in a bid to bring all BANT members together under one recognised title so that we can work on their behalf to raise their profile and the credibility of Nutritional Therapy across the country.

BANT Chair Miguel Toribio-Mateas said: “Earlier this year BANT requested that members register with our regulator, the CNHC, which now enjoys Assured Voluntary Register status under the Professional Standards Authority. In the current regulatory climate, this is a significant step in the recognition of our profession. As the percentage of CNHC-registered BANT members continues to grow towards 100%, BANT believes now is the perfect time for members to start referring to themselves as ‘Registered Nutritional Therapists’.

“To be seen to be registered gives us professional credibility, and also gives the general public the reassurance they demand from their healthcare practitioner. Anyone can be called a Nutritionist, or indeed a Nutritional Therapist, but the term “Registered Nutritional Therapist” automatically sets us aside. We have made every effort to change the terminology on the new BANT website, and in all new materials being designed, as well in our official communications with different stakeholders. It is now time for each of us individually to do the same, and revise our marketing literature, websites, business cards, email signatures and social media profiles.

“Each of your individual contributions is like a seed that’s planted, and every time we use the term ‘Registered Nutritional Therapist’, we are fertilising the soil where these seeds are growing and feeding the awareness of BANT Nutritional Therapists among the general public and among other healthcare and nutrition professionals.

Please change the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and website mentions of yourself to Registered Nutritional Therapist. Please also ensure you refer to yourself as a Registered Nutritional Therapist in the first mention of any media materials and marketing materials moving forward. 

BANT has changed as many mentions on the new website of Nutritional Therapist to Registered Nutritional Therapist as possible. There will be an ongoing programme to update various pieces of collateral

Nutritional Therapy Gets a Beauty Boost

Visitors to the Selfridges beauty hall in London will be able to find out about the benefits of eating for optimum health – and for beauty – during a month-long Beauty and the Feast promotion. A Meet the Nutritional Therapist stand is being run by natural food company inSpiral, and is manned by BANT members and Registered Nutritional Therapists. The event will be held in the Selfridges Food Hall on Fridays and Saturdays in May and June from 12 – 6.

Nation’s Eating Habits Revealed

The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey results were released today and show that, as a nation, we are still eating too much salt and sugar and not enough fruit and vegetables and oily fish. Interestingly, it also shows the prevalence of low vitamin D and iron in certain populations

Find your local Registered Nutritional Therapist in our online directory for advice about changing the way you eat to improve your health.

New BANT Website Launched Today

BANT is delighted to announce the launch of its new look website which has been completely overhauled and updated as part of BANT’s continued drive to improve standards and raise the public profile of nutritional therapy.

The site has been redesigned to better support members through the much improved members area, easier searching and integrated social media and news feeds.  The biggest change however is the public facing element of the site that can be used by the media, health professionals and the general public who want to find out more about nutritional therapy and Registered Nutritional Therapists.

A new feature on the website is the newly launched Centre of Excellence which includes educational tools such as webinars and the learning zone, knowledge sharing resources such as nutrition articles and business and PR toolkits, and access to evidence based databases.   This will grow as the Centre of Excellence develops.

The new site also has an improved CPD logging area, better practitioner search tool, easy to navigate portal of useful information and data – which will be regularly added to – and that is naming just a few features.

BANT Chair Miguel Toribio-Mateas said: “It has taken months of hard work from our volunteers, Council members and consultants to get us here today, but it was worth it.  I am proud to launch the new look website which is a huge improvement for members but now will also support the other great work that is being done on media engagement and, moving forward, the new Centre of Excellence.  This takes us another step closer to BANT’s vision of professional excellence in the practise of nutritional therapy.

“The process of updating and improving the content will be ongoing as we strive to ensure we are providing members, health professionals, the public and media with insightful and useful support and information on our profession.”