07/09/2023 Update – Association for Nutrition (AfN) application for Royal Charter

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) ministers have withdrawn their recommendation of 23rd of June 2023 to the Privy Council Office (PCO) that AfN Application for Royal Charter be granted, and the matter will be reconsidered in the light of BANT representations.

AfN has not withdrawn its petition and BANT will be making a further submission to the PCO as part of this process.

Please refer to our June 29th press release for further information (https://bant.org.uk/bant-takes-legal-action-against-department-of-health-and-association-for-nutrition-on-royal-charter/)

BANT Council



This article was published to Politics Home (PoliticsHome is an indispensable information source for the most influential people in UK politics – including Cabinet ministers, MPs, peers, senior civil servants and Westminster journalists)

View the BANT portal here: https://www.politicshome.com/members/profile/british-association-for-nutrition-and-lifestyle-medicine-bant

Read the full Press Release at Politics Home – https://www.politicshome.com/members/article/update-association-nutrition-afn-application-royal-charter 

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