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BANT Practitioner Toolkits Page Launched
22 December 2016

Explore the Practitioner Toolkits that include practical and visual tools for BANT Practitioners to communicate a variety of nutritional and lifestyle topics. General Health Toolkit is also available to public with BANT Wellbeing Guidelines and Why do we need to eat? infographic, while the…Read More >

BANT December News Goes Live
19 December 2016

Welcome to the December issue of BANT ENews, this month’s focus is on meditation, something nutritional therapists often recommend their client’s suffering from chronic stress. Our ‘Day in the Life of a BANT Manager’ follows Kate Alexander, our assistant manager.… Read More >

BANT November News Goes Live
21 November 2016

Welcome to the November issue of BANT ENews, this month’s focus is on bariatric surgery and how nutritional therapists can support clients considering or undergoing this procedure. Satu Jackson, our Operations Director provides an overview of BANT activities from the… Read More >

BANT October News Goes Live
24 October 2016

Welcome to the October issue of BANT ENews, this month’s focus is on our microbiome, with a fascinating insight into the microbiome by Tim Spector, PhD, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College London. BANT Supervision has been in the news… Read More >

BANT Proud to be Participating in the Glycanage ®, King’s College London and Croatian National Centre of Excellence in Personalised Healthcare Research Project: “EFFECTS OF LIFESTYLE INTERVENTIONS ON CHANGES IN BIOLOGICAL AGE”
11 October 2016

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) is proud to be working with  Oxford Biotech company GlycanAge®, King’s College London and Croatian National Centre of Excellence in Personalised Healthcare in the ‘Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on Changes… Read More >

BANT September New Goes Live
19 September 2016

Welcome to the September issue of BANT ENews, this month is all about Practice Management. A little bit of a head start for our newly graduated members who are taking their first steps as Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and some… Read More >

BANT Comments on the Study Published in the JAMA Pediatrics Regarding ‘Caesarean Delivery May Increase Childhood Risk of Obesity’
7 September 2016

BANT read with interest the widely publicised study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, that found that “caesarean delivery can increase a child’s risk of obesity into adulthood, compared to their siblings who were born naturally”.  The hypothesis put forward by the… Read More >

BANT Comments on Vitamin D – For Bones and Muscle, but Not Only
6 September 2016

BANT welcomes the news that the lead researchers of an independent review by the Cochrane research body (the absolute gold standard) have announced that taking Vitamin D supplements in addition to asthma medication appears to cut the risk of severe… Read More >

CAMEXPO 2016 to Showcase Latest Innovations in Nutrition
5 September 2016

Taking place at Olympia London, later this month on 24-25 September, camexpo’s dedicated Nutrition Theatre (sponsored by Wiley’s Finest) will run 17 CPD-accredited sessions across two days.  Confirmed speakers include leading nutritional experts like BANT’s Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Dr Marilyn Glenville,… Read More >

BANT August News Goes Live
22 August 2016

Welcome to the August issue of BANT ENews, despite the summer holidays, we once again have a very full and informative issue this month. Our theme for August is eye health, with a particular focus via our Featured Article on… Read More >

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