Time to Restore Your Health!

What do chronic diseases – heart disease, diabetes, depression, autoimmune disease and so on all have in common? They are all related to modern living: nutrient deficiencies, poor diet, perception of stress, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, too much sitting and environmental toxins can all contribute to imbalances which lead to your set of symptoms.

Disease symptoms take you to the doctor, and it is important to have them investigated. Once you have a diagnosis and treatment plan, there is more you can do for yourself than just taking ‘a pill for your ill’. Sometimes, getting different diagnoses can segregate your care, so you are seen by a number of people who specialise in different conditions, which has benefits but may not join up all the dots. For others, there is no diagnosis or explanation, but they know they feel below par. They do not have the same energy; they feel pain, discomfort or anxiety, but they are ‘clinically normal’, so there is no real explanation.

Nutritional therapy doesn’t deal with conditions. Nutritional therapy specialises in you. Understanding all of your core body systems, how they work, what they need and how they are interrelated, helps us get to the root of your symptoms. Together with your whole health history and current diet and lifestyle information, nutritional therapy can help identify what you can do to nurture your health. You are unique, and the functional medicine model which underlies nutritional therapy, puts you, the whole person, at its heart while working alongside any mainstream treatment.

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