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During Series 3 we shall be taking a deep dive into the sensitive issues around fertility and the possible treatments and considerations.

The episdes will cover the functional medicine approach to fertility, as well as testing options, and the importance of liaising with other health professionals. Important considerations for general fertility nutrition, including support for men will also be touched on.

We will look at techniques to improve the success of treatment, supporting a healthy pregnancy and beyond.

This series is created exclusively for BANT members wanting to expand their knowledge of fertility.  Each episode has been awarded 1 hour of CPD.

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We are hearing mixed reports from our members regarding CPD during this Covid-19 dominated year.  For some, quieter clinics and less commuting has meant a luxurious amount of time for nutrition learning.  For others, however, time has been at a premium, with little thought being given to the acquisition of knowledge.  Whilst BANT is sympathetic to those who sit in the latter camp, neither the CNHC nor BANT have adjusted the requirement for CPD this year.  It is essential for us to stay current as nutrition professionals, particularly at a time when the role of nutrition in health and disease is a frequent topic of conversation at all levels of society.

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Refresh Wellness are recruiting for a Part Time Employed Sports Massage Therapist at our Sports Injury Clinic in Ipswich, Suffolk.

If you are looking for opportunity to develop as a Sports Massage Therapist then read on!!!

Are you a passionate Sports Massage Therapist who wants to:

  • Become the best therapist you can be
  • Be part of a great team who are just as client-focused as you
  • Have the security of working in a clinic

For most Sports Massage Therapists they have to work solo, with little to no support from colleagues – trying to figure out how to grow their client base on their own

And this is why at Refresh Wellness we have created a great environment, giving you the chance to build your business working alongside our friendly team!


: Monthly CPD with Sports Massage Therapists and Osteopaths
: Monthly business development meetings
: Full use of gym for own training
: A team of therapists and trainers to share ideas and provide cross-patient referrals

Our clients are loyal, enthusiastic and very willing to learn and engage with their sessions. Many of them are wanting to work on long term health not just quick-fix solutions.

All our clients are self-funding which means they are highly motivated and willing to follow your advice and guidance to improve.


It’s important that you’re a good fit for our team. These are the qualities that we look for and that you can demonstrate:

Keen to learn – be that your clinical work, or outside of the treatment room.

Accountable – you understand that your results are down to you. You enjoy taking responsibility for your own actions, and love seeing how that helps you improve!

Good manual skills and clinical reasoning -. You’re curious when something doesn’t go as expected and excited about the opportunity to learn what’s going on and how to create change with a client.

We are looking for a therapist who is trained to a Level 4 or above in Sports Massage Therapy. This Therapist will be looking to become part of a busy existing Sports Massage Clinic, working with other therapists. They must be willing to work evenings and Saturdays.

They should feel comfortable in front of the camera and in promoting via social media and face to face.

They should have some experience of performing Sports Massage on clients.


This is a Part Time Employed role.

Starting Salary £15 per hour with a guaranteed income of 6 hours per week with the opportunity to work extra hours dependent upon client requirements.

3 month probationary period.

To apply please email Jo at [email protected].

Your application will consist of a current curriculum vitae and a 3 minute video explaining, as if to a client, your most commonly given stretch. The interview process will include a face to face interview and a practical demonstration of your sports massage skills.

Closing Date for applications: Friday 30th October 2020.

You can visit our website here:

Refresh Wellness is committed to equal opportunities in the recruitment, training, and development of our team


We are sad to announce that Miguel Toribio-Mateas will step down as BANT Chair and Director with immediate effect.

Miguel has been volunteering for BANT for 13 years, becoming the BANT Chair in 2011. His energy and contribution to BANT and the nutritional therapy profession have been unprecedented. He has worked tirelessly towards achieving the recognition of nutritional therapy as an evidence-based healthcare option, attending hundreds of meetings to discuss the direction of the profession and to secure and advance our standing in the professional landscape. Miguel’s talents extend to research and scientific database design and management, and he has been instrumental in the implementation of Nutrition Evidence Database (NED) to provide us with resources relevant to our profession.

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Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (CNS) are a leading provider of Health & Nutrition Diagnostics for Practitioners in the UK. They are currently looking for a UK based Business Development Manager, to work with their growing number of Practitioner customers in the UK, many of whom are Nutritional Therapists.

The main focus of the UK Business Development Manager will be to further develop these existing relationships, whilst identifying and managing new partnership opportunities in the UK.

The position will have a focus on delivering education, marketing support, and coaching of best practise, to a wide variety of partners in the health and nutrition industry.

You can view more information at this link, and apply for the role on LinkedIn.


As you may have heard, the Professional Practice Panel (PPP) are currently busy working on the new, improved and easy-access Professional Practice Handbook. Did you know that the BANT Handbook is a reflection of the CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance?  As the registrant body for nutritional therapy, CNHC set the professional standards for practice and the BANT Handbook serves to make these guidelines more relevant for nutritional therapy.

In addition, UK and EU legislation provides the basis for many of the guidelines, for example, in relation to supplements, which we incorporate into our Handbook to help you to practice within the law.

Our aim is to make the Handbook easier for you to use and refer to, to help you practice safely, legally and ethically, saving you the time and effort to have to go to multiple sources to find the information relevant to your practice. Our plans for the new ‘online’ Handbook include clearer sections, more practical information, and a searchable format to help you easily find the information you need, but we need you to help us achieve this!

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Company: Igennus Healthcare Nutrition

Location: From home

Employee status: Freelance – flexible hours

About Igennus: We are a family-run company based in Cambridge, offering high impact nutrition supplements expertly formulated by our in-house team of nutrition specialists.

Job description: We are seeking a confident nutrition professional who is either a native speaker, or fluent in Dutch and/or Swedish. You will be required to translate video scripts and present nutrition supplements and health topics in video format for use on our online platforms. We also require support to localise product web pages for use on our new Dutch & Swedish selling platforms, requiring some translation and editing. No specialist recording equipment necessary and full support will be provided.


  • Qualified nutritionists
  • Native or fluent in Dutch and/or Swedish
  • Experience in/confidence for presenting

How to apply:

Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Autumn is around the corner, and BANT is gearing up for one of the most exciting few months ahead of us. Satu Jackson, our CEO, covers for Miguel this month and hints at the things to come.

This issue of BANT eNews introduces our new Communications Manager, Claire, and provides insight into how an Ayurvedic antidepressant, Saffron, could be used in clinical practice to manage Major Depressive Disorder.

Lara, our Volunteer Manager, is looking for passionate volunteers to complement our teams in a role of a Diversity Project Support and BANT Network Co-ordinators, and our vigilant Professional Governance team is providing practical information about recording consultations and some resources for new graduates to set up their business.

Science and Education resources are collated to an easy to use summary below to help you find clinically relevant information to support your client, while providing valuable CPD opportunities for your career progression.

Don’t miss the discount to attend the rescheduled European Congress of Integrative Medicine (ECIM) on 26-28 February in London, details of which are in CNHC news link.

Have a cuppa and read on.

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“We ignore obesity at our peril” tough words from the president of the EU Association for the Study of Obesity

“We ignore obesity at our peril” was the comment made by Professor Jason Halford (1) on publication of a British study using data from 550,000 British patients. BANT wholeheartedly agrees with his comments and has continuously campaigned on this issue throughout the years. Professor Halford’s statement comes in response to new research, conducted by Novo Nordisk (2), which was shared at the European and International Congress on Obesity last week (3). Their findings highlight the significant health benefits of losing weight and reducing risk factors for developing chronic health conditions such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnoea. With an average loss of 13% body weight the researchers found a 42% reduction in developing type II diabetes which is one of many important findings released from the study. With one of the highest obesity rates in Western Europe, with two in three adults overweight or obese, Britain is leading the charge for weight-related chronic illnesses. The NHS is overwhelmed and taking the financial brunt for the nation’s poor diet and lifestyle choices with diabetes alone costing £10 billion a year.

BANT agrees with experts calling this a “wake-up call” and calls on the government and NHS to take greater measures to invest in preventative therapies and education, including Nutritional Therapy, as part of its wider obesity strategy. The recently launched Better Health Campaign and NHS announcement to provide 800-calorie soup and shake diets for diabetics are band-aid tactics treating the effects of overweight and obesity rather than targeting the complex multifactorial causes. BANT continuously cautions on adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to tackling obesity given the complexities involved. Instead, BANT advocates for personalised dietary and lifestyle changes, that can be sustained long-term, in place of short-term calorie-focused fixes. The Novo Nordisk study highlights more than ever the need to invest in prevention to help people maintain a healthy body weight, rather than waiting for them to present with chronic illness further down the line. Professor Nick Finer, leading the research, said that “Health Policy is much happier to treat diabetes when it develops rather than the obesity which causes it to develop”. This highlights the short-term thinking that will only cost the NHS more rather than improve longer term health outcomes for overweight and obese people.

BANT and BANT Nutrition Practitioners continue to promote its Wellbeing Guidelines to encourage the British people to eat more individual ingredients and unprocessed food. Going back to some old-fashioned values, such a family meal times, and improving the nations cooking skills to use fresh ingredients, will go a long way to help the obesity targets and health of the individuals.