Nutritional Therapy on the High Street

BANT is backing an exciting new project with high street independent pharmacies, aligning Nutritional Therapy with mainstream healthcare services.

The Face to Face Wellbeing Scheme, in conjunction with media company JHN and BANT member Babi Chana, is currently being piloted nationwide.

The project aims to bring together independent pharmacies and BANT Registered Nutritional Therapists to help meet NHS contractual obligations to provide healthy lifestyle and public health advice to people with diabetes, those who are at risk of heart disease, are overweight or who just need professional support to lead healthier lives.

BANT Director Sarah Green said: “Emphasis is on making individual nutritional recommendations accessible in a way that it hasn’t been before. At the heart of this project is a desire to promote the growing recognition that healthcare at its best includes acute pharmaceutical treatment alongside long term diet and lifestyle support.  In bringing pharmacists and Registered Nutritional Therapists together we are providing that kind of integration at community level, face to face”.

For more information on the scheme contact [email protected].

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