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Download our infographics to learn more about metabolic dysregulation, making healthy food choices and eating a rainbow of colourful plant foods. Additionally, BANT Wellbeing Guidelines provide general guidelines for healthy diet and lifestyle when personalised advice is not available.

Metabolic Dysregulation

Anybody can develop metabolic dysregulation. The premise for this infographic is to highlight the modifiable and non-modifiable factors involved in metabolic dysregulation, thus highlighting the areas where nutrition and lifestyle interventions can provide personalised support.

Modifiable Risk Factors

There are many modifiable factors to health and wellbeing that can be influenced through diet and lifestyle. This infographic is the continuation of the Metabolic Dysregulation infographic, highlighting which common areas of modifiable factors a Nutrition Practitioner will explore with clients.

Bant Eat a RAINBOW every day

Eat a RAINBOW every day

Counting nutrients is more effective than simply counting calories. Eating a rainbow of colourful plant foods daily provides a range of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients (the active components of fruits and vegetables) essential to supporting metabolic function. These are the building blocks of health.

Fight the Fat – Beat the Bloat

The general Wellness Solution is adjusted to support nutrition and lifestyle choices when personalised advice is not possible and guidance is needed to ‘fight the fat – beat the bloat’. Similar foundational principles apply and Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners can further help to personalise the recommendations for individuals.

You are what you EAT

You are what you eat, or are you? Dietary choices play an important role in your health and well-being however, the factors involved in weight management and functional symptoms of health are multi-factorial and far more complex. Optimising diet and lifestyle factors are supportive of health. Having recommendations personalised to you can provide the missing links to achieving your personal health goals, wherever you are on this journey.

The Wellness Solution

Everyone is unique but whatever your goal, similar nutritional principles and health and wellbeing guidelines will apply. The Wellness Solution provides general advice to support healthy dietary and lifestyle choices when personalised advice is not possible, or as a basis for further personalisation and a visual aid to clients.