Event: NMI Summit 2022

Personalised Nutrition via the Microbiome, Genome, and Biomarkers

The realisation of evidence-based personalised nutrition is a major priority, which is why the NMI Summit Personalised Nutrition via the Microbiome, Genome, and Biomarkers: Recent Advanced and Clinical Applications brings together leading experts on this important topic.

Individual data from biomarkers related to the microbiome, genome, and nutrition has the potential to complement traditional factors such as health history, family history, environment, lifestyle, and behaviour by enriching the development of individualised care.

This event brings together world-leading pioneers in the fields of nutrigenomics, the microbiome, and clinical nutrition including some of the most highly cited and published researchers in their respective fields and clinicians who are translating discoveries to practice.

Take a deep dive into the future of personalised nutrition and discover recent advances in nutrigenomics, the microbiome, and biochemistry uncovering how we can measure and use this information to improve people’s health.

We will also explore the limitations of personalised nutrition, the pros and cons of test data, and how to use biomarkers in the wider context of patient-centred, whole-person health care taking into account the unique environment, personal preferences, and psychology of individuals.


Event Summary

The NMI Summit 2022 was a monumental event for several reasons. It marked the first in-person annual summit organised by NMI. For many, it was also the first live conference since the pandemic. And the remarkable speakers, vibrant attendees, engaging exhibition area, and committed event partners contributed to what was a shared feeling of learning and inspiration.

Over the two-day event, 12 presentations were delivered on the broad themes of nutrigenomics, the microbiome, biomarkers and personalised nutrition by authoritative leaders in these fields, including Alessio Fasano, MD, José Ordovás, PhD, Denise Furness, PhD, Timothy Dinan, PhD, Celeste de Jager-Loots, PhD, and Deanna Minich, PhD. It was a unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge science and its translation to clinical practice.

In attendance, were over 230 delegates, predominately health care providers including clinical nutritionists, medical doctors, and functional medicine practitioners, as well as people involved in education and research.

People attended from 16 countries, predominately the United Kingdom and Europe, but from as far as the USA, Brazil, South Africa and Australia, making this a truly international event.

At the vibrant exhibition area and engaging with attendees were 18 sponsors, represented by leading providers of nutritional therapeutics, specialist laboratory services, and professional associations.

The event was supported by 11 event partners comprised of universities, education providers, associations, and charities.

Did you ever leave an event feeling informed, revitalised, and reconnected to a shared sense of purpose? That perhaps best summarises the energy of the NMI Summit 2022. Together we are shaping the future of healthcare, and events that anchor us to learning, connection, and collaboration are vital to that advancement. Thank you to everyone – speakers, attendees, sponsors, and event partners – who shared our vision and were part of the event. See you again in 2023.

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