BANT Welcomes Tesco Sweets Decision

BANT has welcomed Tesco’s decision to remove sweets and confectionary from the checkouts of their stores nationwide.

The company has pledged to move confectionary from checkouts after research among customers revealed that nearly two-thirds of shoppers said it would help them make healthier choices.

BANT Chair Miguel Toribio-Mateas said: “Sugar plays a huge part in the development of serious health conditions like obesity, diabetes, arthritis and cancer and what children eat at an early age will have an impact on their health into teens and adulthood. Limiting the exposure of these types of foods to children can only be welcomed.

“’Pester power’ from the children can just be overwhelming for busy parents who are trying to do the weekly shop. Taking away the sweets and confectionary from right under the noses of the children at the checkout will be a huge relief for parents.

“One of the biggest challenges our members face as Registered Nutritional Therapists today is persuading people of the dangers of sugar to their health,” he added.

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