BANT Invited to Join All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes (APPGD)

BANT has been asked to join All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes (APPGD), a group of Members of Parliament and Peers with a special interest in the issue of diabetes.

The APPGD is one of the most active parliamentary groups in engaging with stakeholders, sharing information with Members and holding high profile events in the Houses of Parliament.

With a large number of stakeholders, the Group holds regular events during parliamentary business periods, draft reports, produces a monthly newsletter and hold special meetings with relevant Ministers and organisations.

BANT’s Chair Miguel Toribio-Mateas said “being asked to join the APPGD as a key stakeholder for nutrition represents a significant step forward for BANT and Registered Nutritional Therapists. It means that our message about outdated one-size-fits-all dietary advice, and about prevention before treatment, is finally being heard in the right places, by the right people. I have every confidence that BANT as an organisation can help drive much needed change in the prevention of obesity and diabetes, and that the support by BANT members can help improve the health of the nation. The BANT Wellbeing Guidelines, launched today, provide a support tool that takes into account individuality and that enables personalisation of dietary advice. This is key for diabetics who quite obviously wouldn’t do well following dietary guidelines that are permissive of high sugar foods (like cakes and soda drinks) and that are mainly based on refined, industrially produced carbohydrates. I would like to ask where the evidence in support of cake and cola is, and why we’ve been told for the last 20 years that they were part of a healthy diet. Thankfully our Wellbeing Guidelines contain nothing but fresh foods, available to all from every grocers. Unlike any existing guidelines, they have been produced by a panel of experts based on 2015 science that tackles 2015 issues. They reflect the feedback of various stakeholders who responded to the public consultation in September/October 2014, and favour no industry interest.”

The BANT Wellbeing Guidelines are available to download from:


Please share with everyone you think can benefit from them.

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