Nutrition Evidence Database Alert – Research Highlights – December 2019



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Fasting – the practice of restricting or eliminating food for a specific period of time – has a long and interesting history.  Rooted in ancient religious and cultural practices, it has seen a revival in recent years, as a practice that promotes health, particularly in relation to health ageing.  The science of fasting is building in relation to cardiovascular health, obesity, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, amongst other chronic conditions often seen in a Nutrition Practitioner’s clinic room.

This edition of the Nutrition Evidence alert focuses on intermittent fasting, in its various forms, highlighting 57 RCTs that the Editorial Team has chosen for you. There are 10 with plain language summaries, so they are instantly shareable with your patients/clients, friends and family. The simple practice of fasting is being shown to have powerful impacts on health and is a useful clinical tool to have in your box. Read up on the science to keep yourself fully informed with the latest evidence available.

To shake things up and keep your learning active, check out this 2 Part Podcast Series on Intermittent Fasting, hosted by Dr Chatterjee and featuring Professor Satchin Panda.  Selected podcasts are now featured on Nutrition Evidence and will appear in your search lists.

Why When You Eat Matters with Professor Satchin Panda Part 1  Part 2

Happy reading.

Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Editor-in-Chief 

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