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Nutrition Evidence is the only scientific database that specialises in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, with a focus on high-quality papers selected to provide the best evidence available for clinical interventions on humans.

Nutrition Evidence is designed to support practitioners’ clinical decisions, enabling the delivery of effective, individualised evidence-based recommendations with easy to use search functionality by using functional and lifestyle medicine filters.

Your path to better-informed recommendations

  • Over 85,000 high-quality research papers (as of November 2019) relevant to all practitioners in the areas of functional nutrition, dietetics, and lifestyle medicine.
  • A focus on randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and some cohort studies.
  • A selection of BANT enhanced papers, curated by an Editorial Board and enriched by a BANT indexing team. Enhanced papers include plain language summaries, enabling quick assimilation of the science and the ability to share with social media followers.
  • Expert reviews of key studies on trending nutrition and lifestyle topics.
  • Selected high-quality podcasts, videos, product monographs and e-Learning.

New studies are added every month to keep you up-to-date with emerging sciences. All database subscribers receive A FREE monthly newsletter featuring industry leaders’ top picks of the month, and a curated list of newly enhanced studies to keep abreast with the latest in nutrition sciences.

The database is continuously developed and expanded. If you have any comments or questions, please contact [email protected] and watch out for the release of new features in the future.