NED Inaugural Science Forum at the RSM

BANT is proud to present our inaugural NED Science Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine on Monday 13th May 2024.

Join us for networking, debate and discussion on ‘Blue Zones’ and the future of nutrition science, including:

Keynote presentation by Prof Justin Roberts, NED Editor in Chief on People in the world’s ‘blue zones’ live longer – what are the lessons for us in the UK?, followed by Expert Panel debate and discussion on how to live healthily to 100 and beyond! We will discuss the protective effects of ‘blue zone’ foods and nutrients, as well as lifestyle factors, that are contributing to exceptional longevity in these key locations around the world. And crucially, what is feasible within the UK context.

The evening continues with a presentation on the opportunities to become a published practitioner and information on how to be part of a new BANT initiative to generate evidence of the impact of personalised nutrition practice.

Included within the event:

  • Light food and drinks for the first hour for networking with sponsors and fellow participants
  • Opportunities to become a published practitioner
  • Chance to prove the health impacts of your practice through a new peer-reviewed research study
  • Time to ask questions of the BANT Council and NED Editorial Board

The event will run from 16:30 to 20:30, at the wonderful Royal Society of Medicine venue in Central London.

Numbers are limited and the event is currently sold out. You can join a wait list here

This event will be recorded and made available for all members.

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