BANT Healthspan Event in June 2024

BANT Healthspan and Optimal Aging Event

In June 2024, three expert speakers delivered a one-day event focused on equipping practitioners with the latest research and theory and science-based tools and tips for use in clinical practice to support clients healthspan.

Professor Rose Anne Kenny

Session Title: Age Proof. The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life

Session Outline: We all age, but some of us live longer than others and on average we are living twice as long as our ancestors did 200 years ago. So, the latest science with respect to ageing, and science that I have been involved in for the last 40 years, shows that 80% of our ageing biology is within our own control. We can not only live longer lives, but live also much happier healthier lives deep into our later years if we take control of our health and our lives. I will cover all of the most important areas that allow you take control of your ageing process.

Speaker Profile: Professor Rose Anne Kenny is an award-winning physician and researcher who has been Head of the academic department of Medical Gerontology at Trinity College Dublin since 2006. She is the founding Principal Investigator of The Irish Longitudinal study on Ageing (TILDA). Prof Kenny has published over 600 scientific publications to date and was admitted as a Member of the Royal Irish Academy (M.R.I.A) in 2014 – Irelands highest recognition for scientific excellence.

Emma Beswick

Session Title: Hallmarks of Healthspan – Lessons From Genetics

Session Outline: As longevity is highly heritable insights into genetic factors can improve our understanding of mechanisms that promote health and reduce the risk of developing chronic illness. Drawing on the latest (2023) ‘Hallmarks of Aging’ framework,  Emma will explore the integration of genetic and epigenetic factors that impact healthspan. She will a take deep dive into the Nutrient sensing – mTOR (insulin signalling, growth), Mitochondrial function (mitohormesis and mitophagy), and Cellular senescence ‘hallmarks’, and the genes, pathways, nutrients (and anti-nutrients) involved in their function and dysfunction.

Emma will also highlight and critique some of the tools available to assess, monitor and measure healthspan, to enable a ‘value’ versus ‘vanity’ approach to supporting clients to optimise their health.


Speaker Profile: Emma is a registered nutritional therapist and founder of Lifecode Gx – the nutrigenomics testing and training company for health professionals.

Emma lectures widely on the subject of nutrigenomics and is well known and well respected for her knowledge and ability to present complex aspects of nutrigenomics in an accessible and clinical relevant way.

Lorraine Nicolle

Session Title: Healthspan Support in Action

Session Outline: Lorraine will present a quartet of mini-case studies united by the theme of improving cardiometabolic health, including:

  • Dyslipidemia and history CV events
  • Hypertension
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hyperhomocysteinemia with a family history of  CVD

Each of the case studies will highlights the opportunities from massively increasing dietary plant and phytochemicals intake as part of the intervention, with links back to the hallmarks and biomarkers of ageing, genetic heterogeneity and the need for personalisation and precision.

Speaker Profile: Lorraine has been practicing nutritional therapy for over 20 years and her clinical work is focused on individuals with complex, chronic conditions, such as gastrointestinal, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal disorders; as well as those seeking help during and after medical treatment for cancer.

As a qualified Higher Education teacher, Lorraine teaches clinical nutrition to undergraduates and she enjoys engaging with practitioners as an accredited clinical supervisor and through delivering CPD seminars currently as the Nutrition Education Lead at Pharma Nord UK.

Ticket Holder Benefits


  • 4-5 Hours BANT-Approved CPD plus additional Bonus Live sessions with our event partners, all or most of which you can also use as CPD
  • Event goodie box for the first 75 tickets (with UK mailing addresses)
  • We have 3 x 3 month Healthpath Pro subscriptions to give away, available to both new and existing customers – these will be given away via a competition during the 29 June live sessions.
  • All Livestream content is recorded + all ticket holders receive access to recordings and presentation materials.
  • Before, during and after 29 June, there will be a Facebook Group community for event resources, Q&A and special offers, exclusive to ticket holders
  • During the live sessions on 29 June, the practical ‘special’ session will be a guided balance practice


Session Recordings

All live sessions are recorded and made available within days. This includes both the 29 June ‘main day’ live sessions and all the Bonus Live webinars that follow with event partners and speakers.

Thank you to our Event Partners

Our partners add value through additional Bonus Live webinars, educational resources and event special offers. Their support enables BANT to offer high-value, low-cost events to members and beyond.

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