BOOK REVIEW – You Can Have a Better Period: A Practical Guide to Calmer and Less Painful Periods by Le’Nise Brothers

You Can Have A Better Period is a straight-talking resource to help women understand their menstrual cycles and finally get answers to questions such as: “why am I so moody right before my period?”, “are periods supposed to be so painful?”, “why is my period so heavy?”, “is it normal to get headaches right before my period?”

Le’Nise Brothers, a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, yoga teacher and popular women’s health, hormone and wellbeing coach, takes us through each phase of our cycle, including a clear programme of nutrition and lifestyle changes. The book explains which supplements work and the key stress management habits we can implement, to bring long-lasting and sustainable changes to our hormonal balance and menstrual health.

In Western society, we have accepted a cultural narrative that periods are supposed to be painful, emotional, and messy. This book will be a practical guide that helps women change the way they look at their period, and finally harness the power of the fifth vital sign. It’s ideal both for practitioners and the wider public.

Author: Le’Nise Brothers
First Edition: 8 March 2022
Publisher: Watkins Publishing (8 March 2022)

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