BOOK REVIEW – Junk Food Vegan by David Reavely

This new publication addresses the issues that so many of us are concerned about – an increasingly growing section of the population that have moved to a vegan diet that relies heavily on processed food products which are nutritionally lacking and often potentially detrimental to health.

Junk Food Vegan explains the problems with processed vegan products and expounds the benefits of a wholefood approach; note that it also encourages a raw food approach. In addition to describing the pros and cons of the junk food vegan diet, the book also lists and describes the benefits of a multitude of vegan food options and contains recipes and a 7-day vegan food eating plan.

The effects of the processed food on health are very well explained; for example, the section on Sugar and Ageing describes glycation in such a way that it could well deter clients – not only vegans – from eating so much sugar.   This being the case, this book could usefully be recommended to clients to persuade them of the risks of a diet high in processed vegan foods versus the benefits of a wholefood diet.

David Reavely
Monster Publishing Ltd, 10 Aug. 2021
ISBN: 978-1-9196064-4-6

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