Best Practice London 8-9 March 2023

May be an image of fruit and text that says 'BANT British itish Associatio fo Nutrition and ifestyle Medicine How BANT Members can Support Your General Practice Nutrition and lifestyle medicine recommendations supporting individual wellbeing and group programmes 21st-century nutrition science BANT members combine a network approach to complex systems, incorporating the latest science from genetic, epigenetic, diet and nutrition research to inform individualised recommendations.'

Attended by BANT CEO, Satu Jackson and Science & Education Manager, Clare Grundel.

Supported by BANT Member Natalie Burrows.

This is the second event in the Best Practice series, the first taking place in Birmingham in 2023, with the scope of supporting primary care and general practice across London and the South. The event is one of the leading CPD events for General Practitioners and provides BANT with the opportunity to promote the profession and showcase the ways in which GP’s can refer to BANT members as PSA accredited rCNHC registrants.

The feedback collated from the 2023 event led to the generation and publication of our new resources page ‘BANT members supporting General Practice‘ – which:

  • directly communicates to GPs and other healthcare professionals and explains our ways of working, evidence-base and PSA accreditation as CNHC registrants.
  • pools all of our GP-relevant resources into one dedicated space making it quicker and easier for them to navigate, find and download materials.
  • acts as a great link for members to share with GP’s in their client correspondence and communications.
In summary of the event,

“Good to see likeminded practitioners and GPs #BestPracticeLondon. We are all ready to form multidisciplinary teams and collaborate to harness the power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Just now need to get to the HOW.”

Satu Jackson

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