Today we are celebrating our BANT Science & Education workstream which provides members with our fabulous CPD webinar- programme and Nutrition Evidence Database (NED) resources.
BANT members are required to meet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards and we are committed to providing this for free within your annual membership fee.
We are especially proud to provide members with our open-access Nutrition Evidence Database (NED) giving you value-added nutrition science at your finger-tips. Our dedicated team of indexers and Expert Reviewers break the science down into plain-language summaries for fast reviewing and overlay this with expert opinion and clinical applications to help you translate the science into your client recommendations.
In 2023 our NED Editorial team launched our new NED Expert Review Journal and to date we have delivered 2 jam-packed editions covering topics including mitochondrial function, cancer nutrition, cognitive decline, ADHD and neurodiversity, stress and adrenal health, and women’s and men’s health.
The journal sits alongside our existing NED resources: weekly social media posts, NED InfoBites and short-format video NED Talks on our Youtube channel.
In 2023 our webinar programme delivered 25 hours of free CPD whilst NED resources enable you to log additional self-directed CPD based on the amount of content you review.
Our Science and Education team are supported by our team of volunteers who are busy all-year-long indexing scientific articles and reviewing CPD applications. Special thanks to all our volunteers for enriching our resources and donating their time to supporting members.
For 2024, we are incredibly excited to launch our new science forum as part of the BANT 2024 AGM being held at the Royal Society of Medicine on Monday 13th May 2024. Join our Editorial Team and Expert Reviewers for this groundbreaking event!
Drop your feedback and comments below or reach out to our Science & Education Manager Clare Grundel at [email protected]
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