It is time to celebrate our Professional Practice workstream for the incredibly important work they do for BANT members, so today we are shining the spotlight on them.
The Professional Practice Panel (PPP) are here to help BANT members practice safely, legally, and ethically with confidence, both in clinical practice and the wider field of nutrition. Their key role is to assist in improving professional and training standards and enhance public confidence in the profession. The last of these is especially important given common misconceptions in the public domain. In this regard, they are like customer service managers; helping you practice confidently so that your clients have a positive experience.
Did you know the PPP have 75 years collective experience between them?
That’s a lot of insight and expertise to help answer all your professional and practice enquiries, support you with clients and assist you in case of a complaint made against you by a member of the public.
Practitioner members registered with the CNHC are bound by their code of conduct, ethics and performance which you can access here:….
BANT members are personally accountable for their professional activity and must always act safely and lawfully. Registration with the CNHC means that members are accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA), an independent body accountable to the UK Parliament – opening the door for collaborating with GP’s and the wider healthcare community who require this as proof of professional standards.
The BANT handbook is your go-to resource for guidance on how to apply the CNHC and professional landscape guidelines and ensure you are practising within scope. You’ll find the answers to many of your questions here:
In 2023, the PPP has also delivered key projects giving additional guidance on:
• Working with Specific Conditions; Cancer Guidelines
• Advertising Standards Authority; social media guidelines
If we could add another P to the PPP, it would be for Protection. The team is here to help and guide members and protect you from practising out-of-scope. So, whatever your questions…ask the PPP.
Drop your feedback and comments below or reach out to our Professional Governance Manager Sharon Ling at [email protected]
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