With over 3500 BANT members our membership team are busy all year long welcoming new members, processing renewals, dealing with your enquiries all whilst working on upgrades to the BANT Members portal. This is a well-deserved celebration of the 2023 successes from their workstream.
You won’t have missed our renewed focus on members profiles this past year with several initiatives to help you raise your profile in our practitioner search tool. From FB Live webinars to eblasts the membership team have been hard at work. Your member’s dashboard is the gateway to updating your profile and the team have implemented IT upgrades and SEO tools to ensure new clients can find BANT practitioners. If you’ve not yet added a photo and updated your practice details do this now so you can set yourself up for success in 2024!
The membership team are responsible for bringing you the quarterly Enews and student news, full of great content, feature articles, interviews, industry news, events, recipes, and book reviews all of which counts towards self-directed CPD. With BANT actively involved in so many things throughout the year the enews is a great way to stay up to date with all our news. The enews is delivered direct to your inbox as well as on the members Facebook page providing you more ways to read at your convenience. If you have something to contribute to our Q1 enews get in touch below as we welcome member involvement.
BANT is a membership organisation and membership never sleeps. We have students graduating twice yearly (sometimes more) meaning we have a continual flow of new nutrition practitioners joining the BANT community. We also have practitioners from other disciplines applying for membership via the portfolio approach so that’s a lot of applications to approve each year. As we close this year, our team are already looking ahead to renewals in January. You can give them a helping hand by completing your CPD log on time and preparing for renewals so that you don’t find yourself running out of time in the new year.
BANT is the largest membership organisation for nutrition practitioners, and we wouldn’t be here without you our fabulous members. So, thanks to you, and to our membership team for another great year together.
Drop your feedback and comments below or reach out to our Membership Manager, Kate Alexander and Support Office, Sara Jaques at [email protected]
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