With the end of the year fast-approaching it’s time to reflect on the successes of 2023 in each of our BANT workstreams and to showcase to you, our members, what we have achieved on your behalf.
Our Communications team are responsible for promoting the profession, raising the profile of BANT members, and increasing our credibility as science-based practitioners. They use multiple channels to achieve this:
• Driving awareness of BANT and its members across social media platforms
• Diffusion of Nutrition Evidence Database (NED) resources to professional audience on Linkedin
• Dedicated PR and lobbying to policy makers (Politics Home) and national media (Agility PR)
• Coordination of BANT Spokespersons representing BANT in the media and at events
• BANT presence at industry events such as IPM, NMI, Best Practice, CCR and IHCAN
• Development of public and member resources to support members in clinical practice with BANT-branded materials
Over the last year our following on Linkedin has organically grown to 26,000 followers and we regularly engage with practitioners, academics, researchers and thought leaders across the industry.
We have run a series of paid-for advertising campaigns to promote BANT members as PSA-accredited CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners who can provide support for General Practitioners and the wider healthcare community.
We have delivered and diffused more NED resources with the launch of the new NED Journal to showcase the science-based recommendations applied in personalised nutrition and lifestyle medicine.
We have delivered a workshop at the IPM Congress, a presentation at the CCR Medical Longevity Summit and partnered with NMI at our annual AGM and conference, and with IHCAN at reciprocal events.
Our volunteer team have enriched our BANT resources with more fact sheets, food and lifestyle guides and clinical tools for your continued use with clients and in your own communications.
We have delivered our 2023 ambition and look forward to promoting the profession together in 2024!
Drop your feedback and comments below or reach out to our Communications Manager Claire Sambolino at [email protected]
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