BANT attends Industry meeting about ‘Improving the health of the Nation’

BANT was happy to attend today’s meeting about ‘Improving the Health of the Nation’ alongside Henry Dimbleby MBE and Elaine Hindal – Chief Executive of the BNF.

Great report by Dr Max Gowland PhD showcasing a newly published, independent report that dives into the scientific rationale underpinning the belief in the power of including nuts, seeds and dried fruits in the daily diet. While the focus was on these underutilised ingredients the message was wider, including the need for more #fibre, quality #protein, and less #sugar…

We shared a great industry discussion – with a lively panel and industry leading audience.

Discussion and debate is needed with regards to how we get the public to embrace and select healthier food choices, many of which (but not all) are easily accessible and affordable.

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