Vitae International is a laboratory of natural food supplements. Created in Barcelona in 1995, based on the philosophy of the founder Raimon Cortada, to learn and incorporate the best of what nature has to offer. They are concerned with the origin of health dysfunctions instead of its symptoms but taking them into consideration as information about your organism. Their main focus is to activate and regulate existing biological  processes in the human body in order to sustain and extend its performance. All this, thanks to the wonderful resources that nature has to offer and which we have so much to learn from.

Their passion is to help maintain and improve the quality of life, to appreciate and enjoy the little things that make your day-to-day living worthwhile. Applied in their daily work, they extensively study the physiological principles of the human body, finding the most appropriate and quality ingredients in order that their products guarantee the desired results for which they have been formulated and developed.

They take their work very seriously and their products are distinguished by an exclusive combination of ingredients that guarantee optimal absorption and efficacy, fulfilling a specific function within the body. They believe it is fundamental to invest in research, and that is why in their team they have people dedicated solely to this purpose. They carry out scientific studies on their products, collaborate with important universities and hospitals and participate in congresses, seeking to offer you the best.

For Vitae International it is important to take care of both their clients and the environment, offering a relationship of transparency, respect, vicinity and maximum professionalism.

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