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Nutrition Evidence Database – Variety Important to Encourage Vegetable Consumption in Pre-School Children
1 May 2019

VARIETY is important to encourage VEGETABLE consumption in pre-school children, a new study shows. The study has been BANT enhanced on the NUTRITION EVIDENCE database to provide a full plain language summary to allow quick and easy access to the… Read More >

Nutrition Evidence Database Alert – Dietary Diversity and Health Outcomes in Collaboration with the Journal ‘Nutrients’
15 April 2019

NUTRITION EVIDENCE ALERT SENT IN COLLABORATION WITH NUTRIENTS  “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour” said English poet William Cowper in 1785. Fast-forward 234 years and, although in a different context, that quote is still as current as is relevant.… Read More >

Nutrition Evidence Database Enhanced Paper – Spices and Heart Health
9 April 2019

Can consuming SPICES have an impact on your heart health? Authors of a review study conclude that CINNAMON consumption showed blood pressure lowering effects in patients with Type 2 diabetes and suggest that spice consumption in general should be encouraged.  Time… Read More >

BANT Comments on Media Reports ‘Bad Diets Killing More People than Tobacco’ – Lancet Article
4 April 2019

The media is widely reporting a study published today in The Lancet, Health Effects of Dietary Risks in 195 Countries, 1990-2017: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)… Read More >

Nutrition Evidence Database – Diets High in Vegetables Linked with a Lower Incidence of Chronic Disease
2 April 2019

Eating more vegetables is linked with a lower incidence of chronic disease.  A new review shows that consumption of leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables confer the greatest benefits for cardiovascular health, when compared to other vegetable groups. This paper has… Read More >

BANT Comments on the Study Published in JAMA that High Consumption of Dietary Cholesterol or Eggs was Significantly Associated with Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
18 March 2019

A study published on 15thMarch showed associations of dietary cholesterol or egg consumption with higher incidences of mortality and cardiovascular disease. BANT would like to take the opportunity to comment on the research since the consumption of eggs and links… Read More >

Dr Deanna Minich Previews Her BANT Conference Talk
4 March 2019

Dr Deanna Minich previews the 2-part talk she will be giving at the BANT Conference “Kindergarten to Healthy Adulthood – Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Across Lifespan” – London 23/03/19 – Open to ALL Healthcare Professionals. Last few tickets remaining. Book… Read More >

BANT Calls for Removal of Ultra-Processed Foods from School Meals to Combat Poverty Related Malnutrition
21 February 2019

Today in Parliament, the possibility of free school meals is going back on the Parliamentary agenda thanks to Lord Bassam. Whilst the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) supports the idea that children who live in poverty should… Read More >

Nutrition Evidence Database – Low Calorie Keto Diet for Obese Patients
19 February 2019

Researchers conclude that a very low calorie KETOGENIC diet is a suitable and valuable treatment option for obese patients, improving food and alcohol cravings, exercise levels, sleep quality, sexual function and quality of life. This trial has been BANT enhanced… Read More >

Nutrition Evidence : Protein Levels, Weight Loss and Waist Circumference
14 February 2019

How much protein should you eat as part of a weight loss strategy? A small scientific study finds that the PROTEIN levels in a dietary weight loss plan did NOT affect WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE.  Study authors call for INDIVIDULAISED macronutrient intakes for successful… Read More >

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