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We believe in simplifying science to help everybody understand the evidence behind nutrition. BANT’s scientific NED InfoBites are designed to provide quick overviews of some of the latest research available on particular health issues and nutrition topics.  Simply download those of interest from the growing library below.

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  • Metabolic Syndrome

    Metabolic SyndromeMetabolism

  • Overweight & Obesity

    Overweight & ObesityMetabolism

  • Blood Sugar Dysregulation

    Blood Sugar DysregulationHormone and Neurotransmitter

  • Insulin Resistance

    Insulin ResistanceMetabolism

  • Blood Sugar & Nutrition Protocols

    Blood Sugar & Nutrition ProtocolsHormone and Neurotransmitter

  • Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver

    Non-alcoholic Fatty LiverMetabolism

  • The role of Inflammation

    The Role of InflammationImmune and Inflammation

  • Weight StigmatisationMetabolism

  • Health Anxiety & COVID-19Hormone and Neurotransmitter

  • Vitamin C & Immunity

  • Diversity & Inclusion in Nutrition

  • Long COVIDImmune and Inflammation

  • Microbiome & Gut Health

    Microbiome & Gut HealthDigestion and Microbiome

  • Cholesterol Dysregulation

    Cholesterol DysregulationMetabolism

  • Blood Pressure Regulation

    Blood Pressure RegulationCardiovascular

  • Nutrition & Bariatric SurgeryMetabolism

    Nutrition Evidence Database, affectionately known as NED, is the UK’s first scientific database of nutrition and lifestyle medicine research. It focuses on high-quality, human research and is designed as a comprehensive platform for practitioners, academic researchers, policy-makers and students. The powerful search functionality uses functional and lifestyle medicine filters to support evidence-based, clinically effective nutrition practice.

    Receive a free monthly e-mail digest by subscribing for free.