BANT June Event Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome including Obesity Regional Event – Recordings Available

Delivered by expert speakers Giles Yeo, Ray Griffiths and Lisa Smith, this event covered:

  • Genetic influence upon bodyweight
  • Role of the fat-sensing melanocortin pathway within bodyweight regulation
  • How selection-pressure influences eating behaviour
  • Whether obesity is a choice (spoiler, no)
  • NAFLD as the hepatic expression of metabolic syndrome
  • NAFLD co-existence with metabolic disorders, including T2D, obesity and cardiovascular disease
  • Functional medicine approaches for metabolic health
  • Relationships between neurodiversity and eating disorders
  • How to be aware of and recognise neurodiversity
  • Particular dietary challenges for neurodivergent clients
  • The role of interoceptive awareness and hypersensitivity on eating behaviours
  • Approaches to use with neurodivergent clients


Access the Session Recordings

Recorded sessions from this event are made available, exclusively for BANT Members, on the Regional and Virtual Events page and within the Science and Education Webinar library, under the Metabolism category.


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