Long COVID Regional Event, October 2021

BANT South West team delivered a Long-COVID focused virtual event on Saturday 9th October, complimented by multiple Facebook Live sessions held with sponsors, speakers & a panel of BANT Managers.

Recordings of the sessions are BANT-recognised CPD and accessible via the links below. Linked content is exclusive to BANT Members, and require a login to the BANT member pages.

Long COVID: Nutritional Therapy Approaches to Post-Viral Syndrome (5 CPD hrs)


Dr Tina Peers – Long COVID case studies (88 mins)

Dr Tina Peers presents a hypothesis and recent findings presented at the TLC conference with regards to viral debris. Dr Peers will present some case studies including patient medical histories, genetic findings, treatments given and progress made.

Dr Peers qualified at Guys Hospital Medical School at the University of London, in 1983. She completed her GP training in 1987.

After working as a GP for seven years she decided to concentrate on women’s health and was appointed as lead clinician for the contraception services for East Surrey in 1994. In 1996 she became a consultant in contraception and reproductive health care. She then lead and developed the contraceptive services in Surrey until 2018.

She became a Menopause Specialist working at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital and then opened her private clinic The Menopause Consultancy in 2019, having developed a very successful private practice since 1999.

In 2016 she developed an interest in MCAS having diagnosed her youngest daughter with the condition. She then started treating patients with this syndrome and has helped over 1000 patients to date. In the summer of 2020 she became very interested in Long COVID and realised the similarities with MCAS. She opened a Long COVID clinic in November 2020 and has treated over 80 Long COVID patients by June 2021 when she organised and hosted the first TLC conference on Treating Long COVID. She felt passionately that the latest research and treatments should be available to all patients globally and was delighted when 2200 people registered for the conference. She also saw it as an ideal opportunity to invite one of the leading lights in MCAS, Dr Lawrence Afrin, to speak about MCAS at the conference. The conference is now available on the website www.treatlongcovid.com

Dr Peers is passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences and has been widely interviewed by Gez Medinger, Liz Earle, Dr Mobeen Syed and many other journalists. She has been working collaboratively with the FLCCC and with the BIRD Group promoting the science of Ivermectin.


Lucinda Miller – Long COVID in children (79 mins)

Lucinda Miller shares key clinical pearls that she and her NatureDoc team have learnt over the past year whilst supporting many children with Long Covid. Lucinda describes the symptoms to spot and lab test markers to observe, as well as some of the dietary and nutritional interventions which have helped.

Lucinda Miller is the clinical lead of NatureDoc and runs a team of UK-wide nutritional therapists specialising in female and paediatric nutrition as well as running an online health food shop www.naturedoc.shop. Shea nd her team work closely with paediatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists. She has been practising as a naturopath for over 20 years, qualified in Functional Medicine and is author of two bestselling cookbooks The Good Stuff and I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food. She is the mum of three and lives in Wiltshire.

Website: www.naturedoc.co.uk
Twitter: @LucindaNatDoc
LinkedIn: Lucinda Miller
Facebook: NatureDocClinic
Instagram: naturedockids


Robyn Puglia – Mapping Long COVID on the Functional Medicine Matrix (80 mins)

Robyn Puglia explores and provides guidance on mapping COVID-19 infection and Long-COVID on to the Functional Medicine Matrix and the impact that antecedents and mediators such as SIBO, dysbiosis, autoimmunity, oxidative stress, overtraining and mycotoxin burden have on illness and recovery.

Robyn Puglia is a Nutritional Therapist and IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She specialises in Autoimmune Disease, Gluten-Reactive Disorders including Coeliac Disease, Complex Cases and Unexplained Illness.

As well as a busy clinical practice, Robyn is co-founder and director of The Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Program, is the VP of Education for the UK and EU for Cyrex Labs, and is a Key Opinion Leader for Pure Encapsulations UK.

Robyn is a well regarded speaker and lecturer in the UK, presenting on Autoimmune Disease, Gut Health, complex biochemistry and clinical case studies.

Instagram: @robynpuglia
Facebook page: Robyn Puglia. Nutrition and Health


Event Q&A Panel and BANT Q&A Panel

Finally, there is a long COVID Q&A Panel with all of the speakers, hosted by Events Team Member Emma Dawson.

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