BANT 2022 Regional and Virtual Events Preview

The newly formed volunteer BANT Regional Events Team has begun work  events for 2022. Event themes have been shaped by member survey responses and what the Events Team members feel are highly relevant and timely for fellow practitioners.

Details for the events, including a full schedule, confirmed speakers and their session content are in development. At present, the plans are for three events in 2022, two virtual, and one in-person.

September – Diabetes and Blood Glucose Regulation

A fully virtual event that will seek to cover the latest research, clinical practice, tips and tools.  Highly relevant to many practitioners given the immense challenge of worsening insulin resistance and the power of nutritional and lifestyle medicine to address key underpinning mechanisms. We know that the summer school holiday period is not the most popular time for events but also that it actually works better for some than term-time. We are keen to see how well this first event is received to learn whether scheduling one event during summer is something useful to include within our annual event schedule going forward.

October – Menopause, perimenopause and female hormone replacement

Our first ever hybrid event, with opportunity to join in-person in Bristol, or virtually online. We have ambition to plan for more hybrid events in future, so long as we can ensure a great experience for both in-person and virtual participants. Hybrid events can enable more people to join, which increases the ability to attract great speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

November – Autoimmune, with a focus on skin, hair and nails.

Given the incredible scope that the topic of autoimmunity covers, intention is to have this event have a particular focus on skin, hair and nail health, which is also a topic not covered by a prior Regional Event, nor within other events on the horizon. Work is yet to begin on this event to secure speakers, so great suggestions are both very timely and highly sought after! If you have a suggestion, please email it to the team at [email protected]

Next steps for BANT Members?

Soon, ticket sales for the events will be opened up together with more details about the speakers and sessions content. This will be announced via a mailshot to all BANT members since all three events in 2022, being virtual, will be accessible and relevant to all. The events will be listed on Eventbrite, posted in the BANT members Facebook group and prominently featured on the BANT Regional Events homepage.

Ticket prices will provide fantastic value for BANT Members and be significantly discounted relative to the price for non-members. This reflects that BANT Regional Events are intended as a member benefit.

Welcoming non-BANT Members too!

BANT Regional Events have not  been exclusive for BANT Members but also have not been marketed to non-members. Going forward, events will be promoted to related health professionals for whom the education content is relevant. Their participation is highly welcomed as it will help ensure our ability to produce and host future events, including in-person events, help us attract speakers and sponsors, and potentially broaden community, inclusivity and opportunities for collaboration.

Events will therefore also be promoted via public facing channels, including the popular Nutrition Network community site founded by BANT member Kate Cook.

Opportunity for Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitors?

Our Events Team is very actively reaching out to potential key speakers and also the sponsors and exhibitors for all three events. We have both standard and custom sponsorship and exhibition packages available to offer a great match for different needs and are excited to embed the inclusion of hosted Facebook Live sessions as part of the package given a fantastic reception for these when introduced by our South West Regional Branch team. For any suggestions or interest, please contact the team at [email protected]

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