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Personalised nutrition leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that help to promote health, peak performance and individual care.


BANT Wellbeing Guidelines provide information on nutrition and lifestyle measures when personalised advice is not available.


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Our register of practitioners across the country helps you to find a practitioner near you, or online, for a personalised consultation. Practitioners will evaluate your individual needs and use extensive evidence base for nutrition science to develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme.


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Latest science supporting informed nutrition and lifestyle choices

BANT Wellbeing Guidelines are evidenced-based guidelines providing information on nutrition and lifestyle measures when personalised advice is not possible.
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BANT is committed to increasing diversity within the nutritional therapy sector – encouraging and supporting practitioners from a range of backgrounds and making nutritional therapy services available and applicable to the widest possible audience.
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Anybody can develop diet-induced Metabolic Dysregulation. Our new infographic explains the modifiable diet and lifestyle factors where nutritional therapy can play a role in supporting health and wellbeing.
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Scientific database specialising in nutrition and lifestyle medicine, providing the best evidence available for clinical interventions. Discover the Nutrition Evidence Database