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Student Spotlight

As nutritional therapy students, we all know the value of reflective practice. If you have recently started your student journey, this concept may be relatively new to you, but we assure you, by the end of your studies you will be reflecting like a pro!

On the last Friday of each month we invite a fellow student to step into the student spotlight by writing a blogpost for the student community. Here we introduce you to students from training institutions across the UK, with insights from 1st year diploma students through to those who have extended their studies to MSc and doctorate level.

Claire Foss, The Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION)
28 October 2016

Having travelled to Australia in my 20’s to ‘find myself’, I discovered a wonderful Naturopath and decided this was a career route that appealed to me. Together with a dislike of the orthodox system (years of visiting doctors with ear problems… Read More >

Sarah Dumont-Gale, Institute for Optimal Nutrition
30 September 2016

My journey to study Nutritional Therapy started for me when I was 18 and living in Spain, away from home for the first time.  A row of tequilas was my pre-drinking tipple and my kitchen cupboards were bare apart from… Read More >

Tiffany Smith, Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM)
29 July 2016

All my life I have been passionate about health, food and travel.  At 10 I wanted to be a doctor, but developed an unfortunate habit of fainting at the sight of needles! When I left school after A levels, I didn’t go… Read More >

Katherine Caris-Harris, Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM)
27 May 2016

I decide to study nutrition as my children are growing up and I wanted to start working again, but wished to do something I felt passionately about and that would be flexible around my family.  I’ve not always followed a low-toxic diet… Read More >

Sharon Peck, Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM)
29 April 2016

As a young adult, my diet was mainly based around cheese on toast and pasta.  Indeed, I considered cheese, bread and chocolate to be the culinary holy trinity and felt immensely sorry for friends that couldn’t tolerate lactose so missed… Read More >

Tilly Paz, University of West London (UWL)
14 March 2016

For many people, nutritional therapy is about nutrition. But for me, with a rich background in supporting victims of trauma and sexual assault, it was the therapy that caught my eye. Can therapy, when it comes to nutrition, be more… Read More >