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National Occupational Standards (NOS)

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Nutritional Therapy were developed by Skills for Health and updated in 2009.

The NOS outline define the scope of practice for our profession. There are two NOS standards which apply to Nutritional Therapy:

CNH8 Provide Nutritional Therapy to clients
This standard is about providing Nutritional Therapy to clients. Nutritional Therapy Practitioners work in preventive medicine, the optimisation of physical and mental health, and in the treatment of chronic diseases, often with complex multiple causes. Nutritional Therapy encompasses personalised dietary therapy and nutraceutical prescription, and life style advice within a functional medicine framework.

The scope of practice for Nutritional Therapy excludes artificial (parenteral/enteral) feeding and dietary management of acute life threatening states, e.g. intestinal or renal failure, and injury trauma.

CNH9 Prescribe nutraceuticals to clients
This standard is about the ethical prescribing of nutraceuticals to clients. The Nutritional Therapy Practitioner links theory to practice through the critical appraisal of a diversity of information sources.