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Member Benefits

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Being a member of BANT means you are part of a professional body that aims to promote and safeguard member’s interest. BANT is the largest professional body for Nutritional Therapy and sets the standards of excellence in the industry as well as continually striving to drive industry policy to ensure the availability of nutritional therapy as a primary healthcare option. Being a member of BANT enables you, as a health professional, to take advantage of the many member benefits detailed below. Your BANT Council is fully committed to ensuring your BANT membership works for you and offers you increasing value for money. In addition to the offers and discounts, there are many intrinsic benefits of being a BANT member. These include opportunities for business development, education and professional support for which no value can be attributed, they can only be described as ‘invaluable’. For details of all the Special Offers and Discounts as well as the many intrinsic benefits of being a BANT member, please visit http://bant.org.uk/members-area/member-resources/special-offers-for-bant-members/

If you are interested in providing a discounted member benefit then please contact the General Manager at [email protected].


Free Databases

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Natural Medicines Database
Free and full professional licensed access worth $299. 2
Free £227.24

Business Support and Mentoring Programmes

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
An all-in-one software for nutritionists and dieticians. Manages clients, questionnaires, appointments and billing online, allows creation of meal plans and recipes. 50% discount of first two months.
£13.50/mth for first 2 months £13.50/mth for first 2 months
The Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Program (AFMMP)
A comprehensive education program, based around real life in clinical practice. BANT members received a 10% discount.
£675 £75

CPD Support

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Functional Sports Nutrition
Free access to the digital version of the UKs only magazine dedicated to growing professional knowledge of sports nutrition, usual price £10
Free £10
IHCAN Magazine
The premier magazine for the Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition practitioner where the basic subscription is £60
£45 £15
BANT Regional Branch Events
BANT funded CPD events, attendance or available free on-line post event. 4
Full members £30 full day & £15 half day, Student members £20 full day & £10 half day £65/£40 Full member, £75/£45 Student Member
National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED)
NCFED offers professional training courses in Eating Disorders, Obesity & Nutrition
12% discount off all courses Varies

Functional Medicine Courses

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Clinical Education
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice ™ UK – 10% Discount for BANT Members upon the Standard Rate of IFM’s AFMCP ™ UK. Only applies to UK Programmes
Advanced Practice Module: GI UK – 10% Discount for BANT Members upon the Standard Rate of IFM’s Advanced Practice Module GI. Only applies to UK programmes.
£2622 + VAT (£3146.40)

£1250 + VAT (£1500)



Functional Medicine University (FMU)
23% discount off the full FMU programme of 10 online modules at a cost of $1695, normal price $2195. Module 1 is free for BANT members. Modules 2 and 3 can be purchased separately at a cost of $495, deductible if the full programme of 10 modules is subsequently purchased. 2
£1,668.20 (full programme) £376.20

Test Company Discounts

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Atlas Biomed
Preferential rates for the purchase of Atlas Microbiome Tests including access to the practitioner and patient portals, updates and new results (no additional cost), and ongoing support in the use and application of these products.
50% discount on the first kit purchase
20% discount on further kit purchases
Lifecode GX
Offers £20 discount on seminars, up to 50% off of DNA Test for seminar attendees, 25% off all DNA Tests. 9
£20 off seminars, 50% off DNA test (seminar attendees), 25% off all DNA tests Varies
Lorisian Tests (YorkTest IgG 150+)
10% discount on Lorisian 150 plus tests. FREE 2 hr training course, CPD accredited. 5
£166.50 £25
30% off your first month of orders. There will be further discounts on subsequent orders after the first month starting at 10% with the possibility to increase based on volumes.
Varies Varies

Supplement Discounts & other Related Products

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Vitae International
Vitae International is a laboratory of natural food supplements.
40% off all products Varies
Fushi fresh-pressed oils® and Fushi fresh-ground herbs® and herbal supplements that are biodynamically and naturally air dried
25% off all products Varies
All spore, consortium probiotic bacteriotherapy, 12.5% discount for BANT members. 11
£35.70 £5.10
Natural sourced, non-soy K2 supplement. 12.5% discount for BANT members. 12
£22.74 £3.25
Bare Biology
High quality Omega 3 supplements. 30% discount for BANT members 16
£33.25/£19.95/£20.65/£11.20/£11.20 £14.25/£8.55/£8.85/£4.80/£4.80
Certified and allergen-free probiotic, 35% discount for BANT members 15
£19 (includes postage) £8
Offers BANT members an exclusive 30% discount on a patent protected researched prebiotic. This offer is in addition to any other promotions/discounted offers that Bimuno® may run. 16
£8.03 £3.60

Association Membership Discounts

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation
Aims to prevent lifestyle-related chronic disease though professional education and research – 20% discount off annual membership fee. 2
£63.36 £9.54
Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)
Membership for up to 30% discount, full annual membership $325. 2, 13
£172.90 £74.20

Wellness and Lifestyle

Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Movement for Modern Life
Leading UK Online Yoga and Wellbeing site. 55% discount off annual membership, 30% off quarterly/monthly payment.
£59.35/£29.38/£11.19 £59.35/£12.59/£4.80
PG Mutual
Provide Income Protection Insurance offering BANT members 20% off the first two years premiums. 17
20% off the first two years premiums Varies

1 All values rounded to the nearest £. Value calculated as at 1 January 2019
2 Based on exchange rates as at 1 January 2019 (1USD$ = £0.76)
3 Based on one 2-day event/year
4 Based on attending two full day events per year. Events valued at £95 for full day, £55 for half day
5 Assuming 24 new clients/per year using 1 test per client @ £250/test with 10% discount across the 2 testing companies
6 Based on ordering 12 tests per year
7 Average price £275 (incl. 1 add on) based on ordering 6 per year
9 Based on 1 seminar, ordering 1 DNA test at 50% discount and 2 other DNA tests at 25%
10 Based on one single DNA test, 6 comprehensive DNA tests/year and attendance at 2 workshops
11 Based on buying 10 pots/year
12 Based on buying 10 pots/year
13 Includes BANT administration fee for group membership
14 Based on £500 orders/year
15 Based on buying 10 pots/year
16 Based on buying 10 packets/year
17 Premiums vary, based on premium of £50/month for a year
18 Based on 2 x 12 visits/year
19 Based on 10 pots of each product/year



Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Provisional Member Student Member Associate Member

Local Network Coordinator Meetings

Group support and advice
Guest speakers
Build a thriving nutritional therapy community
Open to all members
Run by a volunteer Local Network Coordinator
Active CPD hours awarded


Individual support for clinical and professional dilemmas
Run by a professional supervisor
Small, closed groups to build supportive environment
Encourages self-care and nourishment
Ensures safety and compliance with BANT and CNHC guidelines
Active CPD hours awarded

LinkedIn group

Members only group, discussing nutrition relations topics and developments in the industry

BANT Professional Practice Committee (PPC)

Use of/access to the BANT Professional Practice Handbook which provides advice on safe, legal and ethical practice and the principles of personal and professional conduct
Support of BANT PPC for queries related to professional practice
Access to Frequently Asked Questions related to Professional Practice
Monthly PPC updates and reminders via the BANT Monthly Newsletter


Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Provisional Member Student Member Associate Member

BANT Directory of Practitioners

Listed on BANTs website as a Registered Nutritional Therapist
Listed on the Associate Member Practitioner Search page in the members section of the BANT website

Employment opportunities

Regular e-blasts on latest employment opportunities
Access to latest employment opportunities in our resources section and our monthly newsletter
Employment Opportunities exclusive to BANT members with Nuffield Health


Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Provisional Member Student Member Associate Member

Free access to:

BANT Centre of Excellence
Professional version of the Natural Medicines Database
Monthly webinars
Monthly BANT newsletter including all the latest industry updates, employment opportunities and member offers


Regular information and updates on a variety of CPD events


Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Provisional Member Student Member Associate Member


Including full voting rights
Updates on the latest industry developments
Networking opportunities

Use of BANT logo and title on all material

Recognised as having achieved the highest level of training and adhering to BANTs exacting standards
Personalised ASA compliant leaflets
BANT Practice Posters

CNHC Registrant

Registrant of Regulatory Body overseen by the UK national health regulatory oversight body the Professional Standards Authority (PSA)