Welcome to BANT. if you are a member, please

Apply for Membership

Before applying for membership of BANT please make sure you understand the membership criteria which are set out in the Applications Requirements below as well as the Terms and Conditions of Membership.

The membership year runs from January – December and renewals take place between January and February of each year. If you have any questions regarding the criteria, terms and conditions or your application, please email [email protected] who will be able to guide you through the process. Otherwise, see details of the membership types below.

Full Membership

This category of membership is for Nutritional Therapists who have trained at an accredited course.

Student Membership

This category of membership is for students who are enrolled on an accredited course.

Provisional Membership

This category of membership is for applicants who  have either trained overseas or at a course not recognised by BANT as being accredited by the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC).

  • Provisional Member Applications: £135-£165 (includes a one-off registration fee)
  • Annual Renewal Membership Fee: £0 (this membership is interim and only lasts 6 months)
  • Provisional member application requirements

Associate Membership

Open to all those who are members of an association that is listed on the Statutory Regulations Directory and those members of associations listed on any Accredited Register under the PSA – with the exception of Nutritional Therapists.