The following guidelines relate to professional practice and includes useful tools and links that can help your practice management and procedures.

red flags

Red Flag Reminder

It is vital, not only for your client’s health, but also for your own protection that if your client reports any red flag symptoms, you are quite clear that they must seek a medical opinion. Read more about red flag symptoms here.


PPC Guidelines for Students

The following guidelines are aimed at supporting the student and training providers, whilst not misleading the public. Read more about PPC guidelines for students here.


Guidelines for Student Observation

As part of the Core Curriculum it is required that students observe qualified practitioners. BANT encourages practising members to allow students to observe their consultations. Read more about student observations here.


Guidelines for Audiovisual Recordings of Consultations

If you wish to record a consultation, the client must give written consent before the consultation and again afterwards. They must also have the opportunity to view the recording before giving consent after the consultation. Find out more about this process here.

Guidelines for Recording Online Consultations

If you wish to record an online consultation, you will need to ensure you obtain the appropriate consent and store the recording securely in line with GDPR. Read the guidelines in full here.


Guidelines for Lone Working

Nutritional Therapists may work alone from their homes. These guidelines are intended to highlight areas that may require attention and to raise awareness of the possible risks whether working from home or in a clinic on your own.


First Aid

BANT Members are not legally required to undertake first aid training. It is however recommended by our Professional Practice Handbook, that practising Members attend a one-day ‘First Aid course every three years and be able to apply its recommendations as and when required. Find out about courses here.


Practice/Clinical Self Audit Tool

As a Nutritional Therapist it is prudent to conduct an audit of your practice at least once a year. Access the practice/clinical self–audit tool here.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

It is important that all BANT members fulfil their responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Review the information to ensure you comply.