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Student News Bulletin
9 May 2016

Here are three research titbits that pique my interest this week.  Firstly, John Hopkins researchers found a link between mental illness and yeast infections.  Further research from Washington University paints fructose in a negative light, this time for the impact… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
2 May 2016

This week, new research shows the dangers of fructose and further benefits of fruit & veg.  UCLA scientists report omega-3 can reverse fructose damaged genes, research identifies key antioxidant that protects against immuno-inflammation related to brain ageing, sleep deprivation shown… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
25 April 2016

This week, we look at three new pieces of research. The University of Lincoln finds the final piece in the puzzle for Diabetes 1, a long-term study on ageing sheds some light on the connection between healthy ageing and genetics… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
18 April 2016

This week it’s all about food labelling. Mars announces its new product guidelines for customers and the Royal Society for Public Health proposes that exercise equivalents should be printed on food packaging. Also, find out more and buy your discounted tickets… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
11 April 2016

In this week’s student news, WHO marks World Health Day by releasing a new report on diabetes, the BANT Student Network Team looks for new members and we look at how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is perceived by the medical industry… World Health… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
4 April 2016

This week, new research published in The Lancet predicts that one fifth of adults will be obese by 2025; we see the start of IBS Awareness Month and we look at new research examining the risk of fructose consumption during pregnancy on… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
28 March 2016

This week, new research shows how much sugar is actually in the fruit juices exempt from the sugar tax; Stanford Medicine collaborates with 23andMe on their ‘MyHeart Counts’ app and Science News talks ‘Microbes & the Mind’… Juice drinks may be… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
21 March 2016

In this week’s news, hear how BANT has responded to the new sugar tax, compare the Government’s new Eat Well Guide with the BANT Wellbeing Guidelines and find out how the BANT AGM went this weekend… What does the ‘sugar tax’ mean for the nation’s… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
14 March 2016

Welcome to our first ever student news bulletin, written by the students for the students! This week we showcase our new student area, tell you about the launch of the ‘One You’ campaign by Public Health England and we talk P values. BANT… Read More >

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