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Student News Bulletin
1 August 2016

This week an intriguing study looking in to the effect of resveratrol on Alzheimers, a study linking the diet of fathers to risk of developing breast cancer in daughters, and there are still spaces available at the CAM conference in November… Read More >

Student New Bulletin
25 July 2016

This week a useful study on the learning boosting properties of cinnamon, a free CAM Conference Webinar on Detoxification and a simple cooling ice cream recipe with just 5 ingredients. Cinnamon May Aid Learning Ability A study published in the journal… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
11 July 2016

This week a study from Harvard researchers adds to the fat debate, another video from Rhonda Patrick PhD on the benefits of time-restricted eating and a post exam recipe you can treat yourself with that full of unsaturated fats. Can… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
4 July 2016

First of all, apologies for missing last week’s edition, what with the end of term approaching it was peak exam and assignment deadline time so we couldn’t quite juggle student new as well, sorry!  We hope a research nugget from… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
20 June 2016

This week’s research is one that you might not be expecting; plant-based diets reduce the risk of diabetes.  Also, one that’ll be relevant to those of us studying for exams; sleep plays a key role in memory consolidation.  And finally,… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
13 June 2016

We know exams are looming for a lot of you so this week we don’t want to provide too more information.  So, a piece o for research on healthy ageing we couldn’t resist.  Then some revision tips to help towards… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
6 June 2016

This week I came across some exciting research on matters that are close to my heart, on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and diet.  I was sent details on special BANT Student Network only offers from our friends at Ingeneius.  And I… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
30 May 2016

This week we look at the health benefits of sleep from an article in New Scientist, are you getting enough?  Look at what free stuff came out this week: a free webinar.  And what’s coming up soon: a free show. Sleep… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
23 May 2016

This week we’re highlighting two new research papers and a quick recipe to help make the most of your study time!  The first paper, from Boston researchers investigates lifestyle factors in the prevention of cancers.  The second looks at the… Read More >

Student News Bulletin
16 May 2016

This week we look at research around the benefits of fruit and veg, finishing with a shot of alcohol research.  Firstly, researchers from Boston found that eating fruit and vegetables was associated with a lower incident of breast cancer.  Researchers… Read More >

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