First Aid

First Aid

Members are not legally required to undertake first aid training.

It is however recommended by our BANT Professional Practice Handbook, that Practising Members must attend the one-day 'First Aid in the Workplace' course and be able to apply its recommendations as and when required, as stated under the Health and Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice L74 1997.

The H&SE book is titled Approved of Practice [ISBN:0717610500].

Members should consider the number, if any, of trained first aiders where they normally practise when considering their own training needs.

It is further recommended that knowledge be updated at least every 3 years [qualifying for CPD] in line with the recommendations of their chosen training provider.

Below is a list of companies offering 1 day courses at affordable prices.

Company Name Web Link to Specific 1 Day Courses
St Johns Ambulance
London First Aid
Cardium First Aid Training
Red Cross First Aid Training